Mayday, Mayday

I worked out four times in April. FOUR.
Who am I and what happened to my motivation to move my body and not eat all the carbs. Distressing to say the least.
So, it’s May and I don’t even know how that’s possible.
Personal training begins this week and let me tell you, it cannot come soon enough!!
Fitness assessment first. I’m deeply curious to know how far I’ve fallen.
But it’s the beginning. Again. Life is full of falling and getting back up. So, here we go again. I’m grateful for the will to get back up and try. That can often be the hardest part.
Hoping May will be much different from any other month this year.
This time around I plan to dive deep to figure this out from an emotional and mental standpoint. I mentioned my plan to write more, and share more in this space.  I think becoming more open about this journey as it unfolds and delving into the path which led me here may help me uncover a way to stay the course.
Send all encouraging reinforcements.

Donuts. Again.

I’ve written about donuts before.
Don’t even ask me why I write about them as if they’re my trouble spot, my weakness. They’re not. That’s kettle chips.
But Wednesday at the office a box of assorted sinful treats were beckoning me to eat all of them Cookie Monster style. Nom nom nom nom. At one point, I literally heard them CALL MY NAME. No kidding. Quite ridiculous.
That’s when I told myself this is what temptation is made of – this is when they say take a walk, chew gum, distract yourself for 5 minutes until it passes.
Well, I only ate maybe half of one throughout the entire time they taunted me. Before I moved them into the kitchen area and away from me.
Claiming it a victory.

Monday Miles

They say, “Never miss a Monday.”  Continue reading

100 Days

Yesterday I sat down with Nikki and went over my goals for this next round of training.
Yep, I’m back at it for 12 weeks. She keeps checking to see if I really want the whole hour.
Go big or go home I suppose. Continue reading

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Personalized: It’s a Wrap

The last half of PT was nothing short of amazing.
We had a blast doing Tabata, running and skipping hills, sweating, lifting, losing.
The best part is that I actually started seeing the scale move down. (Fishface saw scale results from jump.)
A loss for me for the first half of training would be a matter of a half pound here and there.
Then, Nikki gave me the homework to hit the Arc three times for 45 minutes in one week.
At that point, I think I’d only been on that death machine between 15 and 20 minutes before my lungs exploded.
On Sept. 12, I completed my first 45-minute Arc workout. The second – Sept. 14 and the third on Sept. 16.
I freaking did it.

And that is when everything changed.

The Arc and I took our relationship from “it’s complicated” to “madly in love.”
I’m guessing all that Arc sweat shocked my body into finally shedding pounds.
Throughout the rest of September and all of October, I continued to combine the Arc with strength training, along with core/ab work, and (I pray I’m not jinxing things) the scale has made me quite happy. I’ve nearly blitzed through a whole decade of weight in the last few weeks.

The results haven’t just appeared because of the gym time. It’s all about what I put into my body, as well.
I’ve been using My Fitness Pal every day to track everything I consume.
Logging daily and sweating for nearly 1.5 to 2 hours every other day is what it takes for me to see results.

Until Nikki, we’d never had a personal trainer.
I am happy to say the whole experience served us incredibly well. It gave us the motivation and desire to make this a lifestyle.
The only regret I have is not getting a Nikki in my life before now.
But everything happens when it’s supposed to, I like to think.

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