Wedding Progress with a Side of Pizza

Alright so, it’s only Tuesday and I may totally be jinxing myself, but this has been a productive week. And by productive, I mean wedding stuff. And I’m super pumped because I’ve definitely got my Let’s Get Stuff Done hat on lately.

We’re nearly set for invites to be printed, we figured out all things tux related, scored some DIY goodies at Hobby Lobby all for half off (is that a regional store? It’s an amazing craft and decor store) and I just completed our wedding website.
This gal is not interested in killing more trees than necessary for RSVPs, maps and hotel information. And who can afford stamps anymore. We’d be doubling our stamp budget if we opted for RSVPs. So, we’re thanking God for the free websites out there. It’s the easiest way in our eyes, with the media centered world anymore, to find out where, why, when and let us know you’re coming. The RSVP function alone is worth millions to me. I have said that word way too much already.

In the meantime, Fishface and I have been pushing our butts outta bed at 4:30 a.m. to make those morning workouts. Two days down. Woot woot. And I made my first homemade pizza tonight (O.K. store bought crust, but that may change if my sister loves me enough to buy us a Kitchen-aid Mixer. Those things look heavenly.) Anyway, it was delish. Aside from the cheese and olive oil, it was probably not so terrible for us. It was loaded with veggies. Onions, bell peppers, grape tomatoes, spinach and leftover chicken breasts from dinner last night. It’s a repeat meal, for sure.

Here’s hoping the rest of the week is just as stellar.


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