Friday Favorites

Starting a new thing around this here bloggy blog. Friday Favorites will be my version of random fun facts.
A fantastic way to kick off the weekend.

1. I’m newly addicted to Starbucks Unsweetened Green Tea. Suppose that’s better than my former addiction of Iced Venti Nonfat/No Whip White Mocha with only four pumps and an extra shot. That addiction was no joke. And my new one is much cheaper. Win-win.
2. Rachael Ray is one of my most faves. I have her lime green cookware, and today I won a blue olive oil dispenser. Woot Woot! Don’t even care that it doesn’t match my set or decor. So. Flippin’. Excited.
3. Ozzy Osbourne makes my soul happy. Period.
4. When my dog, who is the best dog in the whole world and likely part human, gives me lovin’ in the mornings before work, he makes it very hard to leave. He’s like my kid. Yeah, I’m that puppy parent.
5. I really like when people ask me about my pending nuptials. More gift registries will be created this weekend. Less than two months, people, TWO MONTHS.
6. Supposed to bake a cake tonight for my sweet Momma. This always prove interesting. Will the cake slide out easily and wonderfully, or won’t it? (Hint: meltdowns occur when it doesnt. Makes no sense when I’ve PAMmed the mess outta that pan..yes PAMmed is a real word and probably a product plug.)
7. Went back to Yoga this week. Every cell in my body thanked me.
8. Subway chocolate chip cookies have still been a consistent menu item this week. Must stop. Can’t. They’re too yummy.
9. I plan to drink stupid amounts of coffee tomorrow morning.
10. Then, Indian food on Sunday. Ahmahzing.



2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Ginny G says:

    If all Pam doesn’t work on the cake pans, sprinkle some flour in the pans, shake it all around to coat the bottom and sides well and dump the excess flour. A few of my cake recipes suggest this, I skipped it the first time and haven’t skipped it since because the cake won’t come out. Sometimes I do butter the flour because Pam isn’t enough. I hope that helps! 🙂

    • bunsontherun says:

      Thanks for the tip Ginny. Fishface did this the last time he baked a cake, so he did it for me this time. What a difference it makes with the flour. Cake was a success. 🙂

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