The amount of fast food/crap food we’ve eaten lately is stupid.
What does it matter if I stopped ingesting cow’s milk and cut back on alcohol, if I still keep eating junk?

The next 14 days I will control portions and aim for more of a low carb diet (especially for dinners).
Because I refuse to feel like assballs on our wedding day. Sodium, fat and ridiculous amounts of calories is going to do just that.
Not happening.

In wedding news, added to that mock calendar today. Ugh.
But I did get up at 5:30 a.m.-ish to complete some shower thank you notes. Heartfelt and half way done. Woot.
Got busy days ahead at work, but will be tackling wedding stuff each day.

Oh and the best news today, I was surprised with lunch plans with my fabulous MOH.

That’s us at his art show last year I believe nearly a year ago.
Er ist uber fantastisch!


One thought on “Ridiculousness

  1. kitkat1126 says:

    5:30am to write shower thank yous? Girl, you’re GOOD!

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