Friday Favorites

Happy to report IT IS FRIDAY!

1. Kinda loving the fact that my co-worker has so graciously gone to get me a Starbucks (Iced Venti Unsweetened Green Tea). Figured I’d enjoy one of the last iced drinks for the year, while wearing my summer skirt/green shirt “watermelon” outfit. It’s supposed to get cold here tomorrow. Summer is so hard to let go of for me.
* This just in…and he bought me a Pumpkin muffin. I’m debating if that’s sweetness or sabotage 🙂
2. The long week Fishface has been working will be over today. Woot.
3. Being productive makes me feel ahmahzing. That sounds pretty obvious, but yesterday I was a movin’ and a groovin’ at work and felt so in control.
4. Early mornings with Koda Bear and coffee makes me so happy. I mean I got up at 5:30 just to take part in all this awesomeness!

Yeah, he’s pretty huge. And the sweetest, smartest dog ever. Truestory.

5. Mission Wedding is so fully on this weekend. I’ll be wired on coffee and Starbucks and won’t sleep…Til Brooklyn. 😉
6. Wish I could move my computer outside today. It is so super gorge out there.
7. Lovin’ that I made an impromptu grocery run last night for healthy stuffs. But I lingered a mighty long while in front of the “healthy” burrito section. Has anyone ever tried Amy’s burritos?
8. Kinda wanna go back to the store and get the ingredients to make Jenna’s White Chicken Chili.
9. Also happy to report, yesterday I made dinner (first time in too long) and ate well. Fashioned a Genghis-Grill-type couscous bowl with a hodge-podge of ingredients. It wasn’t stellar, but it kept me away from the leftover pizza in the fridge. So win-win, I suppose.
10. Our wedding guestbook is in, which excites me GREATLY. And we’re having a guestbook pen designed – for free, which also excites me beyond measure. Thank God for sweet friends.

What do you have planned for the weekend that will be sure to put a smile on your face?


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