Words, words, words

I have seriously written at least a million or more words in my lifetime.
Heck, this week, alone, I’ve been writing a fair amount. Because work has been cray, cray.
So, wth is the problem in getting this ceremony written?!!!

Can’t focus. It’s too important.
It’s due today. And I’m just at a loss.
There’s too much to say. Can’t find words. It’s like my vocabulary is broken.
Love love love. The end. 🙂

I’m expected to write this ceremony, because I’m a writer.
I want to write this ceremony, because I’m a writer.
What if it’s not good enough.

There’s this feeling that washes over me when I write something down that is magical and soul transforming. I need that feeling for every.single.word. of this thing.
I know, I know…it’s ridiculous pressure I’m putting on myself. Useless, really. As if anyone will remember what I say. They’ll remember I do and Kiss the Bride. We all do.
Admit it.
So, why am I stressing? Because I want this to be a gift to Fishface, to our family and friends. I want to know I contributed my only talent (doubt even that on most days) to this important, amazing event.
It’s my duty.

Words. I need lots and lots of words. And coffee.


One thought on “Words, words, words

  1. kitkat1126 says:

    You can do it! It will come to you naturally, it really will.
    This also reminded me that I need to add writing the ceremony on my list of to do’s….ahhh!

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