Friday Favorites

Apparently, tomorrow is December. I’m pretty sure November has an extra week hiding somewhere. Crazy how time is flying.
Nonetheless, here a few of my favorite things on this B-E-A-utiful Friday.

1. I think I could start every No. 1 with the simple fact that it is Friday. It’s inching close to rival Saturday as my favorite day of the week.

2. I know I’m like a month or two behind on this train of awesome. But these bad boys are delish. I discovered them two weeks ago, and immediately went bananas and stocked up. Haha.



3. Received a few emails this week that made me smile, laugh and do a jig. Excitement is in the air.

4. Loving the Christmas decorations that have surfaced this week. Very glad the hubby and I got our tree down already and decorated, too. I was dreading pulling all the decor out and sorting through it to put it all up, but it took just over an hour and it looks ahmahzing.
Christmas Tree 2012

5. Speaking of tackling things, I totally rocked the mess outta starting on those “simplifying” tasks. I made great headway this past weekend in the house. It’s exciting and cathartic to purge. Looking forward to doing more this weekend.

6. Also excited to have the ‘rents over this weekend for chili and cake to celebrate my Daddy’s birthday. He’s the bestest dad ever! Spicy chili and lemon cake he shall get.

7. Though I try to practice gratitude every day, I am extra grateful this week that God is protecting and providing for us and our families. We’re having car troubles, but I’m thankful we can navigate (haha pun intended) around them.

8. Saving the best for last. We cooked every night this week, which is a huge feat for us. And I made Jenna’s Creamy White Chicken Chili, which was so freaking delish! I’ve been wanting to make this for months, and I am so glad I finally did. Green chiles are magic.
Creamy White Chicken Chili

Have a fabulous weekend, guys and gals 🙂

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