Mushrooms are dangling from my ears, and an owl is hanging around my neck.
I have a fish and bear on my wrist.
I have just realized my jewelry of the day is super Animal Planet.
And now I have the Bloodhound Gang song in my head. And now, so do you. “Do it again now.”

Today has a bit of excitement in the air. Not sure if it’s because Christmas is a blink away or if it’s the unfoldings of new things and possibilities or just the New Year a’comin’. It isn’t the whole Mayan Calendar thing, I hope. T minus two weeks and some days, just incase anyone is counting. Maybe I should jump on this apocalyptic train, so I can have an excuse to eat a bag of Doritos in one sitting and chocolate chess pie with no guilt. Alas, the New Year will indeed ring in to the sound of my pants’ button exploding.

I have an overwhelming desire to make a gadozen (it’s a word) sugar cookies (which I don’t even care for) and decorate them with eyeballs and angel wings and Christmas trees and the like. I’m a chocolate chip girl all the way. But the holiday season and some random T.V. commercial has me jonesing for sugar cookies and icing.

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

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