Friday is my Favorite

Hey y’all!

1. TGIF! Just like last week. Even though I opted to cover events tomorrow at work, I’m still super pumped it’s Friday. Always. Work tomorrow means shorter day today. Ah, the benefits of not getting overtime ūüôā I’ll take it.

2. One of the fam members posted this video today and I nearly lost every teardrop in my body. Animals rule! My heart just can’t take the precious innocence. Watch and weep. SO touching! Be still my heart.

3. Admitting that I have not had enough water this week. And my consumption of all things sugar has gotten way outta hand.

4. When I leave work today, I’m going to Target. Are you jealous? Heidi¬†did an awesome¬†job of making me drool this week. I think I’ve been banned from the lamp aisle. It’s a serious addiction. Fishface refuses to let anymore lamps darken (ha) our door, until I eliminate a few.

5. Elf comes on like every other day on the Family Channel. Me likey.

6. My niece turned 17 this week.¬†Can’t even wrap my head around it.

7.¬†Speaking of nieces, I love that I’m getting to spend more virtual time with them thanks to Facetime.¬†I might have to break down and get an iPhone for¬†that alone.¬†I love anything that shrinks the distance from here to Colorado.

8. Yesterday may have been the best day I’ve had since our wedding day.¬†I got some super delish emails,¬†one of them being¬†from our photographer. Our wedding pics hit¬†her blog yesterday. WOOT!
Since I haven’t¬†done well on my promise to write about it all,¬†I’ll let Amy & Ed tell you¬†in pictures.¬†I literally lost my breath and cried when I saw them and read Amy’s sweet words. Her blog is¬†one of the reasons I chose her.¬†Amy is¬†a great writer,¬†AMAZEBALLS photographer and an all around beautiful person.¬†I told her yesterday she gave me the best anxiety attack ever. I heart her!¬†Here is one of my favorites. Thanks Amy and Ed! We love you.

Sweet Kiss

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2 thoughts on “Friday is my Favorite

  1. You rock. Nuff said. I’m ever so grateful that you found us!! Love you both. Mwah!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! Love the wedding pic. Adorable!

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