I mean who could resist blogging on this century’s last sequential date.
Kinda crazy when you realize this is the last time you’ll see something in your lifetime.
So, for kicks and giggles, I’ll do a random top (was gonna be 12 then wordpress ate 9-12. UGH)

1. Lifehouse just released their latest album. Must have! I’m refraining to purchase it in hopes that Santa will throw it under the tree.

Can’t get enough of this song/video!

2. Hate to admit this – but I think I’ve broken up with pizza. I am really unsure how this has happened, but delicious pizza has been hard to come by lately. And sadly, even a good piece doesn’t leave me satisfied.
3. I do, however, have a freakish love for french fries lately.
4. One of my besties got the greatest Christmas present this year – a new j-o-b. I am ridiculously excited for her, because she is da bomb diggity and deserves fabulous things in life – like weekly Target trips with no limitations.
5. Sunday brunch was to die! just simply to die! I have pics to prove it, and a post about Shrimp and Grits coming your way. Stay tuned.
6. Sunday also gave me a chance to catch up with my MOH. Cannot.get.enough.of.him. His presence instantly ignites my inner happi.
7. Winter blahs are a real thing, and I’m determined to combat it without a light box.
8. Last night, I managed to botch frozen Jennie-O turk burgs. Don’t ask. But it sent me into a whirlwind of self-pity. Ever have one of those days when just a simple mess up can convince you that you’re awful at everything?

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