Happy New Year…finally

2013 is a sneaky freak. How is it Jan. 14 already?
I’m not quite sure where these two weeks went, and I’m not certain as to why I haven’t blogged all year. It’s not like I have a shortage of things to say.

For now though, let me say hello and thanks to the recent visitors I’ve had thanks to my friend Mary who so sweetly blogged about our wedding. Mary and I met five or six years ago at my first jobbie job. And we connected via FB at the end of 2011 when Fishface and I were searching for a wedding photographer. It was through the fabulous Mary that we found the super wonderful Amy and Ed, who we love dearly! Amy and Ed shot Mary’s nuptials to Kepa, whose wedding video made me sob like a baby. As Amy would say, “Cheers” to all things wedding!

As promised, I will blog about our wedding. We wrote our ceremony, somewhat from scratch, and our vows totally from scratch. I hope to get that post/s out this month. And I’m also planning to unveil my word for 2013, and all those shiny resolutions/goals I’m starting…uh, I mean I started two weeks ago 😉


One thought on “Happy New Year…finally

  1. kitkat1126 says:

    I’m looking forward to reading about your wedding!

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