Friday Ramblings

1. This Friday is a Super Duper TGIF!!! Why?! Because after weeks…WEEKS I say…the sun burst through my kitchen window this morning. I’m not exaggerating when I say I haven’t seen the sun rise in double-digit days. And it’s not because I sleep in. The weather ’round here has been downright gross – cold, rainy. Ugh. My mood has matched it. But TODAY…today the SUN is out and I plan to soak it all up!

2. Excited about this weekend as it involves a lunch with this sweet gal. I’m looking forward to uplifting convo and healthy eats. Pure coincidence that her latest post mentions this very thing in the exact same No. 2 spot with the near exact wording. Proof that lunch is going to rock!

3. Thank you notes for that big event we had on 10.20.12 will be completed this weekend. I cannot believe I haven’t done this yet. Shame.

4. Fishface and I are making homemade pizza tonight. Yum!

5. Have I mentioned how much I love grocery shopping during the week?! We stocked up pretty well Wednesday night. It’s so nice to know the weekend doesn’t have to consist of meal planning and buying. Quiche on tap this weekend, too. My fave!

6. Apparently, it’s the weekend of food, because one of my BFFs who promised us a homemade dinner as a wedding gift is delivering Sunday evening. Delish eats, good friends and Uno will be the name of the game.

7. Peppermint tea is delicious and good for digestion. Try some. Mexican food is not. Ha.

8. Discovered this lady this week thanks to WEVL. Knew the song “Weakness in Me” but Joan is one talented lady. Must get an album of hers soon. Discovering old music that I should probably know about already reassures me there’s still so much left to learn in the world. Anyone, anyone?

9. Also discovered Dean Evenson courtesy of my Sarah McLachlan Pandora station. I dig New Age and like this guy’s love for nature.

10. I’m beyond obsessed with Nashville – the show. It’s the best Hump Day remedy ever!

Have a great weekend guys and gals!


One thought on “Friday Ramblings

  1. Brenda Morgan says:

    Love it and YOU!

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