Where has this month gone? Seriously.

Alright, I’m not sugar-coating it  – I’m totes lagging on getting some fantabulous content up here. I’m taking pics, but not uploading. I’m thinking, but not writing.
Blah, blah…no excuses.
Anyway, here’s my New Years post. I mean, everyone likes to talk about intentions and such at the END of January, right? Riiight.
Don’t be fooled: Fishface and I did actually list out goals and resolutions for 2013. He even mapped out the months and tasks in Excel and what not. Woot. Woot.

So, here it is: my word/theme of the year: CHANGE.

I’m taking my newfound title of wife (I really prefer bride) and letting it wash over my entire life. Going to let my married life be a totally new one for me – one where I am healthy, overall better.
It’s happening, albeit slowly, but happening nonetheless.
What changes am I going to make?
Well, I’m not listing them out one by one, because there’s massive chunks of my life that I want to change. It’s more of an overhaul of my habits and lifestyle, I’d say.
So far, I’ve changed my hairstyle and the frequency at which I complete household chores. Baby steps, people. Though, I do not consider bangs (pic to come) a baby step. A hairstyle change is the perfect launching point for this year. New shampoo, new facewash…I’m unstoppable.

And there it is, intention set.
One your mark, get set, rock 2013.

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One thought on “2013

  1. Brenda Morgan says:

    I so enjoy reading your blog. Success is on the way.Love u

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