Finding Your Voice

I hit the backspace frequently. Anyone, anyone?
And it’s not for typos, it’s out of fear.

Lately, I’ve been struggling with finding my niche on this blog…hell…in life.
Super struggle. Can it still be a quarter-life crisis if 30 is about to smack you in the face?
I know I’m not alone in this, so that should prompt me to share it. But at the same time, I like reading articles/blogs/etc about positivity and unicorns and rainbows. OK, you know what I mean?
My struggle to figure out who the hell I am, what I wanna be when I grow up or what I wanna have for dinner (read: what am I capable of making?) isn’t negative necessarily, but I don’t want anything on this blog to breed negativity. And I wonder if realizing this struggle and bringing it to life for the masses won’t do just that.

But I’m exhausted with somehow not feeling like I’m not being me – owning my life.
This post could get rather lengthy, but for brevity’s sake – I want to be me, bring me to this space and find community in that. I want to feel alive in my own skin and I want that to be evident through this blog.

Again, I still don’t have a fancy computer, camera or blogging skills to make this baby liken to the blogs I read on a daily basis. But I have yet to let that stop me thus far, and I’m trying to push onward. Nonetheless, I’ve hit a wall – creatively, etc.
Today, I just feel like back-spacing on it all, the entire thing.
My mom encouraged me to keep trucking. I’ll try, Mom – I’ll try.

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4 thoughts on “Finding Your Voice

  1. Erin says:

    Keep trying, Christina! I love reading.

  2. Brenda Morgan says:

    You can do it. Keep the Faith!
    Love u

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