Friday Love

Ah, TGIF. You know how I love it.

1. I’m beyond excited for this weekend, because we get to see all of our wedding pictures! The excitement has been building all week, and I might explode by the time I get there. I wish I could relive our wedding day at least once a month. LOVED that day so much!

wedding farewell

2. Digging that it’s February already. January and I aren’t friends, since it’s the dead of winter and there’s just not much happening. And today kind of feels fresh, like a new start. Yay for the first of the month. And now you’re singing Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. You’re welcome.

3. And perhaps I’m a little excited about the end of football. Hehe! I’m a basketball, baseball gal. Even so, I do appreciate the Big Game for the thrill, commercials and halftime show. This year is extra exciting since we have a couple of Memphis-area fellas playing on the Ravens side of things. Woot.

4. I’ve promised to make Fishface this for Sunday. Seems easy enough. Trisha’s show is full of yummy recipes, though her personality could use a pinch of jazz, a zest of spice. There should be way more Garth on that show. Just sayin.

5. This weekend will also consist of reading more of The Happiness Project. And I plan to finally clean out my purse. Totally inspired by this article. That article also touches on a media fast, which I’ve been contemplating a lot lately. A friend of mine is doing Facebook Free February. The sheer fact of that concept terrifying me means I clearly should do it. Haha. I’m thinking of my own alliterative fast…maybe Facebook Free Fridays in February. Seriously though, I am going to attempt to scale WAY back on the social media addiction during nights and weekends.

6. The flu has found its way into our office this week. And I’ve been eating super power foods to help avoid it. Kroger’s salad bar is da bomb! For reals. Twice this week I loaded up with spinach, broccoli, roasted garic, bell pepps, strawbs, tomatoes, lentil salad and couscous salad. DELISH. I’ve also been eating an orange a day, hitting the Zicam and making sure I get lots of sleep. Oh, and I’ve had SO much water.
“I love water so much that I wish I could drink it while I sleep.” That exact sentence was the last thing I said before I hit the pillow. True hilariousness.

7. If you want some inspiration in your life, just watch Kid President. He’s adorable and spot on. Love, love, love this video too much!

8. And supppperrr loving my haircut I got Monday. Long, lifeless hair turned into a layered head of volume with the addition of a side bang. Oh yeah! Koda approves.
koda and me

9. Next week is going to be the busiest week for Fishface and myself. But we end it with a wedding dress search for one of my besties. Just gotta power through the week.

10. Thinking a viewing of Groundhog Day might be necessary for tomorrow. Truth: I’ve never seen it. Bill Murray, I’m coming for ya.

Happy Weekend!

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One thought on “Friday Love

  1. Brenda Morgan says:

    Lovely article. No writer’s block here. So proud of u!!!!!!
    Love u

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