Friday Ramblings

What a week it has been.

1. Found solace in this piece. Still trying to figure out why.
Maybe it’s this quote: “No that’s okay but I tend to ruin things I know I’ve been given and in these moments I tend to wonder if there is such a thing as grace.”

2. Change definitely became the theme of the week. Last week, this week. Good change. Big change. Deets later.

3. Solidified that Chinese food is not my friend. We are officially over.

4. Stress causes my body to revolt in big ways. Anxiety was the name of the game this week.

5. In relation to 2 and 4, I don’t do change well. For reals.

6. Realizing how vague this post is and feeling to need to share more, but fear I’ll give away way too much. Then, I think how silly it is to be so secretive and no one really reads this anyway. Ugh.

7. Last night, I determined that celebrating other people’s accomplishments makes any day better. My best friend has his artwork hanging inside my favorite bar for the next three months and I could not be more excited for him.

8. Sure things about this week: The Tigers always make my day better as does Cougar Town.

9. Speaking of which, Tigers game tomorrow. Woot. And then pizza with another BFF.

10. TGIF!

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2 thoughts on “Friday Ramblings

  1. bunsontherun says:

    God bless ya Erin!

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