In the Zone

So, there is officially no reason for me to not be blogging. I am fully situtated into the 21st century, well…early 21st century with an upgrade in technology around here.
So, get ready, because blogging is fully on.

Life this year has been zooming by. How is it mid May?
And how have we been married for nearly seven months already?
Slow down world.
I must pen the wedding posts, before I forgot all details. And yes, I still have thank you notes to write. Don’t judge me.

In other news, my New Year’s word is super sticking.
Change has been underway both professionally and personally.
I’ve changed my career and embarked on some new habits that are giving me much success in what I like to call my lifestyle modication process. I dislike the “diet” word in terms of describing a change. Prefer it only as a noun for the array of foods one eats.

I am super excited to get all of these things down on paper. Writing/journaliing/blogging has always been super therapeutic for me.
Meanwhile, I have so many blogs to catch up on. Off to do a bit of that.
Come back soon for more reading material. 😉


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