30th Birthday Extravaganza

That’s the midnight moment of my 30th birthday. Though I fully lived out the next 14 hours as a 29 year old.
My birthday week or two (:)) was EPIC y’all. Seriously.
From a super sweet birthday trip to KELLERMAN’S in Virginia…
Dirty Dancing sign<
To birthday cards galore…
Christina CLC card
Matthew card<
To birthday sweet treats and tequila shots all around…
Watermelon cake
Tequila shots
To birthday presents from beloved ones…
Parent presents
Fall Out Boy
These are just a few of the pictures from the awesome last couple of weeks. I tried and failed to make a photo collage.
But trust, the entire time was truly magical. Ironically, I definitely defined “Dirty Thirty” between the Magic Mike birthday dinner celebration that was thrown by my fabulous coworkers and my Dirty Dancing trip surprisingly given to me by my HOT Fishface.
I could not ask for better friends and family. Seriously, I am SOOOOOO blessed and grateful. With celebrations like that, who wouldn’t be ready to ROCK 30!! I’m so ready.
Super thanks and kudos to all who wrote a name in a card, wrapped a gift, sang happy birthday, drove into town to surprise me, took a shot with me, laughed with me, loved me and celebrated with me in any way.
I love you all.
Ludo gift
Painting by my LUDO FRIEND aka Mattamosity.

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One thought on “30th Birthday Extravaganza

  1. Brenda Morgan says:

    Hope all are as special as this one. Love you bunches,

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