Wording it Right

I’m here in this space, using it as a springboard to actually finishing beginning an article I’m getting paid to write.
It’s hilariously ironic to me how each time I hit this keyboard to do my journalistic duty, how a multitude of feelings arise. Sometimes it’s a nothing story, one you wonder if anyone will even read. Other times it’s such a lengthy article, because you couldn’t possibly cut all the fabulous quotes. And then at times, like this, it’s one you’ve been asked to construct – one that will be read, and WILL mean something. The one that enforces that gentle pressure, whispers encouragement from afar but leaves you completely lost at the screen.

It was the first funeral I’d willingly attended since JuJu.
I don’t do funerals.
I mean does anyone. I prefer to remember people the way they are in my heart and my memory. Not in a box.
But this one meant something to me. It was for a man I’d only encountered a handful of times over the six months at the new job, but he left an impression on me that can’t be easily explained.
His love for God was inspiring.
He’d walk in and spread his gospel. Every.single.time. He was constantly loving the Lord, and loving you for being a God made creature . He didn’t care who you were.
Sadly, not many people took this to heart since Robert was special in a not fully there kind of way.
So when he came in spouting his Christian love and wisdom, hardly anyone listened.
But I did. And I don’t say that boastfully.
I told my coworker months ago, “What if Robert is onto something. What if he has it all right. What if we’re the crazy ones.”
It seemed humorous at the time, but now it’s pretty sobering.
It’s like what if God put an extra bit of special into Robert on purpose and used him to test our faith and love. How many failed?
It makes me thankful that I tried to listen more times than not. He was nearly impossible to understand at times. It makes me grateful I offered him a drink on a hot day.
And at the same time it makes me feel incredibly sinful.
What kind of Christian am I? A lousy one at best.
Robert’s smile and love for the Lord will make anyone question where they stand on such issues.
Robert’s sweet smile and generous verbal blessings made my day. I felt honored to have met him.
Maybe the reason I feel like Robert was a God-send is because I spent two years just blocks away at another job and never encountered him. Odd.
Something inside tells me I met him for a reason.
And I’ll miss him.
Because everyone could use a random, smiling blessing here and there.

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2 thoughts on “Wording it Right

  1. Brenda Morgan says:

    What a Beautiful Article!

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