It’s the freaking weekend

Well, almost.
TGIF, y’all!

Bet you thought I abandoned you like all those times before. No no no. Remember this is the year of the DO and I won’t be DOing that anymore.

In the past two weeks, lots has been buzzing. Grown up things like buying my first hair dryer, going to the eye doctor for the first time since I was a kid and getting my first pair of glasses, purging disgusting couches, cooking for the week and signing up for the YMCA.
There will be a blog post soon dedicated to at least one of those things.
There’s been fun things like maintaining our Catan addiction with friends and a crafty girls night.

Since it’s the year of the DO. I’ve also been sticking to that by actually reading a book. Page 100 y’all! What the what! Sadly, I’m a writer who struggles to finish books. No judgement. I’m reading “Julie & Julia” and it’s good read. Dare I say what we all say, “So much better than the movie.” Honestly, I struggled with Amy Adams in that movie. Now, I can tolerate her better, but I’m not sure of her as Julie Powell.
Anywho, I’ve also been DOing a cleaner diet, mainly no sugar with an inadvertent side of no alcohol.
I even avoided free ice cream at Jason’s Deli last night. It wasn’t easy, even if I’m not a huge ice cream fan.
I even poured out the sweet half of my half & half tea this week. Should’ve just asked for unsweet altogether. Baby steps.
Speaking of which, tea keeps me awake y’all.
And speaking of sleep, anyone else sleeping like balls this week?

With the weekend coming, I’ve planned a Saturday date for Fishface and myself. We’re gonna tour the newly renovated/expanded Whole Foods and have lunch, coffee, smoothies there. I’m excited since the store doubled in square footage. Expect pics.
And Lord give me strength to avoid the sweet treats.
Sunday we’re watching the Big Game with sweet friends. Before then, I gotta find a yummy recipe for all the pigskin-loving peeps.  Feel free to throw any good ones in the comments.

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