Weeks like these

It’s Friday again, and that rules. Yet at the same time I’ve lost a whole week of blogging. I intended to blog about our Whole Foods extravaganza, joining the Y, cooking more soup this week, trying a new restaurant, my new glasses. Take your pick.
But this week was full of sloth and guess what…I am perfectly OK with that. I decided early on this week that I will not beat myself up over the mounds of laundry that still need doing, the meals that didn’t get prepared, the whatever else didn’t get done.
Because weeks like these happen and if you don’t embrace them with all the yuckiness, the gross weather and failed to-do lists, then you’ll never get over that hump. I, my friends, am a hump jumper. Say that three times. Well, I just did it and that’s not so hard. Ha.
So instead of all the things that didn’t get accomplished this week, let’s focus on what did.

1. We went to the gym twice this week. Not much you say? No, it’s not. But like Fishface said, “It’s more than the zero last week.” We even went in the pouring rain and blistering cold Sunday. A decision I regretted come Monday and Tuesday when I fought off the beginnings of a cold. Sleep eluded me a lot this week because of it, therefore causing the slacker in me to settle in to recover. And it worked. I fought back like a ninja (do not like that word).
2. In full disclosure, I ate sugar Wednesday night. That isn’t awesome. I made it almost two weeks with no blatant sugary deliciousness. Damn you O’Charley’s and your free pie. What happened to counteract that sugar is the fact that I tracked my food all week, even that darned pecan pie. And I didn’t let that pesky piece derail my eats the next day. I owned it, enjoyed it and moved on. Y’all! This is a big, huge piece of getting my mind right when it comes to weight loss. For me, it’s super important to own it, MOVE on and not let each bad bite turn into days of regret and even more bad bites. Hence, accomplishment.
3. I picked up my new specs yesterday. And something about donning frames makes me feel more intellectual and spunky. Though I kinda feel like an 80-year-old who needs glasses, I really don’t because they’re just for driving and watching TV. My vision is good. The doc prescribed them just to “crispen” (totally a word now) things up.

Koda inspects the specs

Koda inspects the specs

4. More pantry items were thrown together this week to make chicken enchilada soup. It was mediocre. Fishface said it was delish. It was super easy, though filled with stupid amounts of sodium.  It was a recipe I had on Pinterest, but for the slower cooker. I Googled a non-slow cooker version in my quest to defeat any sickness trying to set up camp within my body.

Chicken Enchilada Soup

Chicken Enchilada Soup

5. I got to watch my youngest niece blow out her birthday candles and open the presents I sent her. Win: the package got there exactly on her birthday! Bigger Win: Thank God for FaceTime. Even bigger win: Her face.
I had a moment while watching her open everything this week when I realized how grown she’s getting and how she’s no longer a baby. She’s entered her tween years and she’s getting more beautiful every single day. Then, I had a moment about how I’ve missed out on most of her years of growing, since the fam moved when she was just a wee babe. I’m so grateful for technology for allowing us to share in these moments. And I’m so thankful she’s my niece. Watching any of my nieces do anything…anything at all…fills me up. They are my heart.

6. I’m surviving the brutally cold weather the Mid-South has been getting each and every day. I’m ranting about it, but I’m getting out in it and trying to be grateful we don’t have mounds of snow like everywhere else in the nation. But dang y’all, it’s COLD and I’m over it.

Random bits:
* I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night a lot this week with turbo brain. One night I had the overwhelming urge to make a quiche at 2 a.m. What in the world?! That same night I contemplated what I’m gonna do with the rest of my life. These moments where you’re kinda awake, but still in some sleep stage is where clarity lies I think. Weird.

*More weirdness… I joke lately how I’m a witch (which I need to find a new term for), because of all the random coincidences that happen to me lately. I really feel like Louise Miller in Teen Witch, though my powers kicked in at 30 instead of 16. Anyway, more moments of ‘I thought of someone and then they called’ happened all week long. It’s no longer weirding me out, as it’s becoming my new norm. Yes, maybe I’m a weirdo.

*Awesomeness is getting an unexpected package for Koda from my aunt and uncle, and the sweetest V-day card from Fishface’s aunt. Sweet aunts and uncle! Love them so.

TGIF, y’all!

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