Sure, it’s been a minute. And I nearly hate to even write anything at all, in fear I might jinx any progress I’m making.
Not sure I’m OK with the fact when I stop writing, good things actually happen.
In full disclosure, writing and I broke up for a hot minute. Isn’t the first, won’t be the last.

So since I last posted, major hurdles have been cleared in this lifestyle modification plan. And I’m ecstatic.
Once we finally joined the Y back in February, things got serious.
My earliest workout that month I slowly made it through 2.09 miles in 40 minutes. Now, in just 43 minutes I can bust through a 5K – granted I’ve got the right playlist and mindset.
My first attempt at a 5K back in March consisted of more walking than jogging and took 56.37.
Hella excited to see minutes shaved off these times.
Thankfully, lacing up is now a part of my life. Even if I don’t make it to the Y each day, I make it around the hood most days. I find myself craving the right song and the pavement, and if I time it perfectly I can catch the sunset.
It’s fabulous.
And I feel confident to write about it all day, because like I’ve been telling everyone, “This is it. And if I do nothing else right in life, I’m doing this.”
It’s amazing to finally see progress in something you’ve always wanted.
I’m thrilled to buy smaller sizes, watch old clothes drown me and FINALLY see that damned scale move in my favor.
But it’s all more than that.
Running is something I never thought I’d do 10 years ago when my doc told me to run marathons. I laughed in his face, and then cried in my car.
Running is something sacred that is mine – that can’t be taken from me. Running gets me further than I ever thought possible in every way possible.
It’s a process through which I’ve learned one day at a time, one step at a time DOES work. One breath at a time. One song at a time.

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5 thoughts on “Finally

  1. mybodymytime says:

    Great post keep positive

  2. Brenda Morgan says:

    I am so proud of you. Love you.

  3. mrsmount says:

    This makes me SO HAPPY! Go, Christina!

  4. bunsontherun says:

    Thanks all. I appreciate you all reading and commenting 🙂
    Touches my baby heart.

  5. […] all accounted for and I still pulled my fastest 3.1 miles to date. We both did. If you’re keeping track, that’s four minutes off my fastest time. Haha. I can’t even type that without […]

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