Running 5.0

We hit the gym last night for some upper body weights and cardio.
And since it’s been a bit since I’ve been on the treadie, I was interested to see what the workout would feel like.
Because when I’m on the pavement, I have no idea how fast or slow I’m going.

The warm-up prior to lifting was telling, because I usually warm up at 3.0 or 3.5 if I’m pushing it.
But those 10 minutes never saw less than 3.7 at a 2.0 incline.
After weights, we hit cardio again and I found myself starting at 4.5 and then each minute I increased the speed by one.
Within a few, I found myself running at 5.0 with ease.
That is pretty frickin’ huge for me. Now, I’m curious as to how fast I’m going outside.
What’s funny is once I finished, I told Fishface how it wasn’t even the most amazing run. I had a number of distractions and my music was failing me. But I still accomplished a milestone of running faster than before. Running life lesson #5,001: Even a not-so-great run can have amazing accomplishment within it.
Hitting 5.0 used to make me feel like my short, baby legs would run right out from under me. Never felt sturdy with that speed.
No, I’m not fast. I jokingly I tell people my “run” is a real runner’s walk.
And that is perfectly fine by me. It reminds me of the cliché that says though I’m slow, I’m still lapping those on the couch.

More truth

More truth


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