Falling for the Elliptical

TGIF, y’all.
Wanna know what makes this Friday spectacular?! The fact that I was able to get back on the Treadie last night, run pain free and wake up today still pain free.
Oh yeah…remember that fantastic Honeysuckle Run? Despite all of its glory, it sidelined me from running for nearly two weeks. Uncool.
During the run, I was perfectly fine. One crab-leg lunch and a Starbucks later, we were back home to walk Koda. THEN! Then, the pain kicked in my right foot. I literally limped around the neighborhood. After busting out a 39-ish minute 5K and then there I was limping a half mile.
I self diagnosed it as plantar fasciitis, which I had experienced years ago. Good shoes took care of it then.
I prayed it was only a daylong injury just from overworking. Nope. That pain lasted on and off for the last 10 days.
Walking just 20 minutes on the Treadie proved unbearable.

So, what happens when the Treadie isn’t an option?
I’m forced onto the elliptical. Ugh.
Long history short, I’ve never loved the elliptical. It makes my feet go numb.
But in this case, that wasn’t such a bad thing.
Last week when the Treadie defeated me and I found myself huffing through a half hour on the elliptical, I was at least graced with a beautiful sunset to power me through.

Not so bad, after all.

Not so bad, after all.

And maybe…just maybe…I fell in love a little. Maybe I was blinded by the light (M.M.E.B shout out) or maybe I was just so grateful to be able to complete a workout of any type without pain. But I no longer loathe that machine. We’re forming quite the friendship.
Though I gotta tell y’all – not being able to run nearly shut my spirit down. It’s literally been my saving grace lately and to have that stripped away just hurt my soul. The Honeysuckle Run had injected such confidence into me that I was finally calling myself a runner. I panicked thinking I’d injured it beyond repair or that I wouldn’t run again. I was a smart enough gal to not push through any pain throughout the last two weeks, but man I sure wanted to. There’s a fine line between pushing yourself and being stupid.
Last night proved that things might be back on track. After two pain-free days, I was still hesitant to get on the Treadie for my first gym workout in a week. But I did 32 minutes and wound up running 10 of those straight through. I stopped at 10, because I didn’t want to wake up today regretting it. And it all felt soooo soooo good!
And I am soooo sooo grateful to be back in the saddle again (Gene Autry/Aerosmith kudos).
Fingers crossed.

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3 thoughts on “Falling for the Elliptical

  1. Bella says:

    If i don’t run I literally go bonkers. We are these little fleshy batteries and we have to expel energy to get new energy- that means getting our little hearts pumping. Keep fighting the good fight. But take it easy when your body tells you to. (I see you have been doing just that and it has been paying off) 🙂

  2. Brenda Morgan says:


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