Happy July to Me

It’s been nearly a month since my return from vacay and my last update.
I don’t even know what life has occurred over the last few weeks, except work, freelancing, coworkers’ farewell parties and preparing for my wisdom teeth removal surgery.
Currently, I’m one week post op and SO happy it’s over and I can move on with my life without my dentist tisk tisking me every time I come in for a cleaning. They’re out, we’re all happy. Yet, I’m still on a steady stream of ibuprofen. I dislike taking medicine, so I’m looking forward to not needing it. And a steak – I want to chew things properly again. Seriously. The right side of my mouth is getting all the action. (insert all naughty jokes here)
I can’t even eat salads. Too many working parts.
Um but I’m pretty excited I finally grew the cojones to get this done. With all the dental work I’ve endured, I was far beyond dreading it. So, I’m proud of me for being a big girl and DOING the damn thing. Woot!

Other than that, I’ll be 30+1 soon, so the month-long celebration has really already begun. I kicked it off with anesthesia, mashed potatoes and Percocet. Do I know how to party or what?
The remainder of the month includes a Labyrinth viewing on a big screen, the epic return of my DOVEFACE!!, our first personal training session, a night with Ray LaMontagne (swoon) and hopefully plenty of other fantastical birthday-esque things.

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