Days like this

*Because real life also looks and feels like this*

I’m exhausted. 
Since my wisdom extraction, I’ve just been feeling less than stellar. My body is not happy with me.  
Sleep and I are clearly fighting and I’m so over it.
Give me sleep or give me death. For real.

We also haven’t hit the gym in two weeks. Good grief.
There have been random neighborhood strolls, but there’s been nothing consistent and fantastic. And that irritates me, because I have goals and running that need to happen and not moving won’t get me there any quicker.  

Emotionally and physically I’m just so worn out. 
I need a vacation from my brain. 

Even still, I really am looking forward to many things occurring within this week. 
My Head is having her third human, her first baby girl. Praying for a way easier delivery for her this go round than her last. Fingers crossed, candles lit, prayers activated, moon dances all around. 
This week marks the arrival of Baby Lily and the Return of Doveface. 
And thank God for both! 
The Return of Doveface can mean only good things. This girl is a light in my darkest times. I thank God for her. She has a way of knowing when I need encouragement the most. From our locker sharing and study hall sleeping days, to our 2008 “smiling” and drinking patio nights to now when we’re trying to climb our way into Heaven’s bed, this girl just gets me. Always has and always will. I’m beyond excited for the many coffee and running dates we are about to set. 

And of course, the week will conclude with my pre-birthday throw down, which begins Friday with a “Labyrinth” viewing on the big screen. Oh I can’t even begin to describe my happiness for this night. Wearing my Sarah shirt (that now fits – woot.), with my Ludo next to me, all the quotes will be recited as Bowie graces us in all his magnificent glory. 😉 Bring. It. On! Happy Birthday to me. 

So yeah, it’s funny even with many beautiful blessings this week, I’m still feeling meh and tired. 
It happens. That’s life. Sometimes it’s hard to smile even when there’s much to smile about. True story. 
Coffee will help. Coffee always helps. And music. And Koda. Still grateful, always grateful. 

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One thought on “Days like this

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