A thank you

Birthday happies

Birthday happies

July is coming to a close and with it ends another beautiful birthday season.
And just as I am each year, I’m overjoyed with gratitude and love.
My friends and family are amazing. It’s that simple.

This year’s birthday celebrations kicked off with the most wonderful family dinner, followed by an evening with a dear friend poolside with dinner, ice cream cupcakes and the most thoughtful gifts, another darling friend surprising me with even more sweet gifts wrapped in some serious crafty love and a Labyrinth viewing with kindreds galore.

Packaged with love

Crafted with love

And that was all before the actual, big day.
All month kids, all month.
People are getting the memo. 😉

On my birthday God granted me with a glorious sunrise and PERFECT weather. NOT a cloud in the sky. No words.
A half day at work wasn’t complete without flowers/cookies/cards from my fantastic work peeps, another surprise visit by the sweetest lady with yet another tasty bday treat (see above: that’s a cupcake in a cone. Mind blown.) and then I was off to pamper myself with new hair and drinks with LUDO! The birthday evening concluded with one FANCY dinner with Fishface. At Seasons 52, they treat you like a bit of royalty with a card, free dessert and a printed picture of you and your companion with said dessert. Food was delish.



Scallops with summer corn risotto

Scallops with summer corn risotto


















A sunset viewing atop the Madison Hotel with friends marked the “official” birthday party of the week.
It was a tad hot, but so worth it.
Yummy drinks, kindred reunion and ketchup. What more could a girl ask for.

Memphis Sunset

Memphis Sunset

Sunday…in all its hangover glory… rounded out the birthday the best way possible with my parents visiting.
Cake, presents, homemade cookies. All fantastic.
The icing on the cake…my parents. They are my heart.
Even got double cake goodness as Fishface took to baking after getting IHOP breakfast for us and tidying up the house. The best.
And then…just when I thought we we’re done. Our neighbors, aka Framily, treated us to my fave Huey’s dinner.

Y’all, when I say I’m thankful it’s an understatement. I’m in awe over all the mailed cards, FB posts, surprises, gifts, and events everyone has sent, posted, planned, given and attended.
Thank you to each one of you who make me feel special during my month-long birthday celebration. 😉
Sincerely, I could not ask for more. I appreciate everyone’s thoughtfulness.
My soul is so full.



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