Personalized 5: The Tale of the Treadie & a Kettlebell

So, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted. There’s good reason for that.
Mini go-cay (that’s how the in-laws vacay) and a mini stay-cay.
Translation: no blogging, no writing.

Anyway, I’m back at it and I really shouldn’t have waited to write about our last sweat sesh, which was nearly two weeks ago. My memory isn’t what it used to be.
What I can’t forget though is how brutal it was.
For weeks, I’ve been telling Nikki how I rock at the Treadie and how I wanna get me some kettlebells in my life.
In fact, the Treadie and I have a long way to go, and there’s a pretty good learning curve to kettlebells for this girl.
The week before our last session Nikki mentioned sprinting, so I got brave and sprinted 30 seconds here and there on the Treadie at 6.0. I felt like a badass.
Little did I know the universe was preparing me for what Nikki would do to us the next week.
She ramped up that Treadie’s incline way too high and wanted me to run at 6.0 for way more than 30 seconds.
I really wish I’d written down the specifics, because it was so intense.
I needed water. Couldn’t stop. Not allowed.
I praised all of Baby Jesus when my shoes came untied, so I could get a five second breather.
It’s the little things.
Y’all this was like 20 minutes on what I thought was my favorite machine.
Nikki has the fantastic ability to find horror in all my favorite things. 😉 That’s gotta be a requirement of a good personal trainer, right.
Kettlebells were tough, but not the worst thing I’ve ever done.
I’ll take another stab at ’em, I suppose.
Summary of Week 5: all the things I thought I wanted in life…I was wrong.

We have our next session tomorrow, and that will mark the half way point for us in training.
The Labor Day go-cay meant way too many extra calories some days (yes, we still tracked them), but I was proud of us for hitting the gym hardcore while away for a full-body workout. And we walked. So much walking. And swimming. We tried to stay active everyday, which is much different from some of our past vacays. Victory.
We skipped training last week, because I felt it would be a wasted week. Honestly, I didn’t need that scale to tell me I’d eaten gator tail and enjoyed beer.
However, we ate well and worked out all week once we got home. Woot.
So, I’m hoping that scale is kind to us tomorrow. And Nikki. I am growing more and more fearful of the unknown torture she is planning…probably as I type. 😉

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