Monday Miles

They say, “Never miss a Monday.” 
Well, I didn’t. I gave it a good ole 40 minutes.
And I slogged (slow jog…I’ve trademarked that) for six minutes straight. Small victory for the gal who has worked out a handful, maybe two handfuls since the New Year.
In a week, I’ve shaved off 20-35 seconds off my one-mile run.
Today was the fastest at 16.41 minutes.
My history with slogging/running is lengthy, but to give you an idea:
In early February 2015 before life took a downturn, I was able to run an 11-minute mile (and at the end of 2014 a 10.55-minute mile). That’s hella fast for this 5’2″ chick.
And in 2015 I did run a mile straight through.
This is what goals are made of and I’ll get there. I hate looking back and seeing how far I was, how fast, how small…how whatever. But that’s OK! I know from those victories that I’ve got it in me to get back to small, fast, flexible…whatever I want. I’m not stopping this time!
Heck, one week in and I’m feeling good about how great it felt to slog again. To sweat again.
On another note, I’m addicted to avocados lately. It’s slightly ridiculous.


2 thoughts on “Monday Miles

  1. mrsmount says:

    Good job!! I am dreading having to start all over with my running, so this is encouraging to me. We all have to begin somewhere!

  2. bunsontherun says:

    Your muscle memory will kick in. Each time I’ve had to get back on this slogging wagon, it’s cool that it doesn’t take me near as long physically to improve as I think it will in my head. Longest sentence ever…lol. You’ve always been a fitness inspiration to me. 😉

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