Mayday, Mayday

I worked out four times in April. FOUR.
Who am I and what happened to my motivation to move my body and not eat all the carbs. Distressing to say the least.
So, it’s May and I don’t even know how that’s possible.
Personal training begins this week and let me tell you, it cannot come soon enough!!
Fitness assessment first. I’m deeply curious to know how far I’ve fallen.
But it’s the beginning. Again. Life is full of falling and getting back up. So, here we go again. I’m grateful for the will to get back up and try. That can often be the hardest part.
Hoping May will be much different from any other month this year.
This time around I plan to dive deep to figure this out from an emotional and mental standpoint. I mentioned my plan to write more, and share more in this space.  I think becoming more open about this journey as it unfolds and delving into the path which led me here may help me uncover a way to stay the course.
Send all encouraging reinforcements.


2 thoughts on “Mayday, Mayday

  1. mrsmount says:

    I can relate so much. I feel like I’m constantly back at square one with weight loss or running or something else. But you’re right that wanting to keep trying is a gift. I hope your training sessions help give you that boost you need!

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