Who’s that girl?


Christina wears her Friyay shirt while holding coffee merchandise in California. Hence, all her favorite things.

Yep, I’m a Southern gal and this here bloggy blog is where I’ll ramble about my longtime marriage with food, newfound infatuation with cooking, obsession with all things blog-related, and where I’ll try to cultivate a better friendship with fitness. There could be a dabble of cleaning, organizing and decluttering talk thrown into the mix, as well.
Things could get awesomely random up in here.

Me Me Me:
Coffee lover. Music freak. Journalist. Water guzzler. Book hoarder. Akita owner. Wife. Reformed Starbucks addict. Pop culture keeper-upper. Heliophiliac. Master procrastinator. Handbag collector. Star gazer. Cheese fiend. Deep thinking daydreamer. Vintage decor buyer. Walker. Snake hater. Serious movie watcher. Pack rat. Blessed.

The Me to Come:
Runner. 5K destroyer, half-marathon completer. Culinary goddess. Declutterer. Health nut.



4 thoughts on “Who’s that girl?

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi! I would love to come along for the ride and see you become “Runner. 5K destroyer, half-marathon completer. Culinary goddess. Wife. Declutterer. Health nut.” What awesome goals! Congratulations and keep it up!!

    SAY HI:

  2. Mary says:

    You are blogging! I had no idea! I’m super excited!!! 🙂

  3. Brenda Morgan says:

    Yea, You did it. So proud of you!!!!!! Did I tell you that you are my favorite?

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