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The Honeysuckle Run

Sweet motivation

Sweet motivation

Y’all we went on a run Sunday at Shelby Farms (my favorite place in the city) and I’m not even kidding when I say it was beyond EPIC. Beyond!
Let’s back up a bit. The night before we attended a 20th wedding anniversary at a Seafood restaurant. Not like grilled fish with a side of veggies seafood. Nope. A buffet, which meant one thing – all fried food. This restaurant, located nearly in the country, gets patrons from counties away. The food is that good. Sadly, not for this girl. I don’t do most seafood and in recent years I’ve discovered I don’t do buffets or most fried food, so I wasn’t too giddy. But I ate. No pigging out or anything, but I enjoyed myself. Then, there was cake. Damn cake. It goes without saying we knew Sunday’s workout had to be monumental.
That calorie fest coupled with a desperate need for a deep walk through nature, I knew the gym wouldn’t do. Only the Farms would suffice.
After a protein-filled breakfast, we laced up and headed out to tackle the Chickasaw trail, which is 2.75 miles, but we usually go farther to hit a solid 5K. Fishface, the ever encouraging one, suggested we obliterate the trail and run as much as possible to beat our best 5K time. Pfft. I had no interest in setting records. I simply wanted to tune into God, my breath and Pandora.
Without being melodramatic, I must say this day, this run changed me.
Anyone who knows me may slightly understand my unquenchable love for honeysuckle. I’ve even joked that I hope I come back in my next life as honeysuckle. I long for it to bloom all year, usually around Mother’s Day, and I relish every single day I have with it. LOVE IT! Because Saturday turned out mostly rainy and gloomy (which rained out our neighborhood yard sale for the most part. Grr.), Sunday morning remained overcast, which meant great things for me on this run.

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This path, above, ignited every fiber of my being with its scent. Holy moly y’all, it was honeysuckle heaven! And because the sun hadn’t yet crept out enough to burn off the moisture, all the sweet goodness permeated the air. And my soul. Seriously, I think I died from how fantastic all of everything became in that moment. I had run up a giant hill (would never have happened months ago – could barely walk it without getting winded), and had already run a good bit when I got smacked with this beautiful aroma. It was a true gift after the week I’d endured. I tried to capture it with pictures, and with these words, but no justice can be done to describe it.
For the next mile or so, beauty sped me around the path, and all along the way honeysuckle peeped out and said hello. And my feet, my heart, my mind all synchronized. The life-changer hit when I realized it was easier to keep running than to stop and catch my breath. NEVER in my life. That was an odd discovery. Good God it was perfect.



But then…maybe because my songs weren’t captivating, or because I kept stopping to take pictures or because my mind wanted to entertain unwanted thoughts, the run got harder. Everything clouded up. Though I kept running more than walking, and I finished the whole 5K, I didn’t feel as high as I had felt at the beginning.
I finally stopped running and walked back toward Fishface, where he filled me in on his Runkeeper stats. Turns out I ran, unofficially, a 39 minute 5K. 39 MINUTES. Cluttered brain and picture-taking all accounted for and I still pulled my fastest 3.1 miles to date. We both did. If you’re keeping track, that’s four minutes off my fastest time. Haha. I can’t even type that without smiling and giggling. That is amazing!  I’m elated that I’ve come from 56-some-odd minutes to 39. Not to mention that is the first time I’ve ever run so much of that particular trail.
The Honeysuckle Run absolutely cleansed my soul with its sweetness. I found strength on that run that I so badly needed – mentally, emotionally, physically. God filled me up in those miles and reminded me that I can do anything. I can run. I can be strong. I can be better. And I’m forever thankful for that reminder.


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Per Request :)

Per Request 🙂


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Wording it Right

I’m here in this space, using it as a springboard to actually finishing beginning an article I’m getting paid to write.
It’s hilariously ironic to me how each time I hit this keyboard to do my journalistic duty, how a multitude of feelings arise. Sometimes it’s a nothing story, one you wonder if anyone will even read. Other times it’s such a lengthy article, because you couldn’t possibly cut all the fabulous quotes. And then at times, like this, it’s one you’ve been asked to construct – one that will be read, and WILL mean something. The one that enforces that gentle pressure, whispers encouragement from afar but leaves you completely lost at the screen.

It was the first funeral I’d willingly attended since JuJu.
I don’t do funerals.
I mean does anyone. I prefer to remember people the way they are in my heart and my memory. Not in a box.
But this one meant something to me. It was for a man I’d only encountered a handful of times over the six months at the new job, but he left an impression on me that can’t be easily explained.
His love for God was inspiring.
He’d walk in and spread his gospel. Every.single.time. He was constantly loving the Lord, and loving you for being a God made creature . He didn’t care who you were.
Sadly, not many people took this to heart since Robert was special in a not fully there kind of way.
So when he came in spouting his Christian love and wisdom, hardly anyone listened.
But I did. And I don’t say that boastfully.
I told my coworker months ago, “What if Robert is onto something. What if he has it all right. What if we’re the crazy ones.”
It seemed humorous at the time, but now it’s pretty sobering.
It’s like what if God put an extra bit of special into Robert on purpose and used him to test our faith and love. How many failed?
It makes me thankful that I tried to listen more times than not. He was nearly impossible to understand at times. It makes me grateful I offered him a drink on a hot day.
And at the same time it makes me feel incredibly sinful.
What kind of Christian am I? A lousy one at best.
Robert’s smile and love for the Lord will make anyone question where they stand on such issues.
Robert’s sweet smile and generous verbal blessings made my day. I felt honored to have met him.
Maybe the reason I feel like Robert was a God-send is because I spent two years just blocks away at another job and never encountered him. Odd.
Something inside tells me I met him for a reason.
And I’ll miss him.
Because everyone could use a random, smiling blessing here and there.

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La Bella Vita


This weekend I had the honor of witnessing my beautiful Bella Doveface vow her love to her special person.
It was perfection.
And the quick trip, my first road trip with a friend (yes I’m 30), was so good to my soul.
Bad for my waistline…I devoured the MOST amazing cheeseburger of my life at 2:30 a.m. and a crap ton of other fast food. No shame. No regrets.
Hell, even that was good for my soul.
And all of this soul pampering is represented in that octopus. Strange how the weirdest things can reignite those embers.
It was a cathartic couple of days and reminded me of how blessed I am, and how silly I can be.
Here’s what that little Octopus reminded me of:

1. In love, in life, in friendships you really do get back what you put in. It’s all  hard work, but it’s worth it.
2. You own your happiness. It is ultimately in your hands. It’s so easy to put this responsibility onto others, but it’s between you and God to get it straight. Not your spouse, not your family, not your friends.
3. “The grass is greener where you water it.” Though I super dislike this cliché, it’s true. In this world, things often look shiny and desirable from a distance and it’s generally just because we don’t possess it. Greed manifests itself many ways.
4. Nourishing yourself – mentally, physically, spiritually is vital to your happiness. Hobbies are good.
5. Travel. Your mind clears up in different weather, different terrain. A drive can ease pain, both real and imagined. Distance from a routine can revitalize. A trip can renew your faith and determination to come back and be better.
6. Sometimes you need a good ole smack in the face to put down your stupidity, and pick up your gratitude.
7. The Devil’s chatter is only as loud as you allow it to be. Find the mute button.
8. Loving someone constantly is a constant choice. It’s not simple, it’s not even natural some days. Worth it…
9. You never know what you truly mean to someone. A phone call, a card, a tearful kiss on the cheek, a six-hour drive, it could all mean the world to someone.
10. A smile can get your far.

Most of these beautiful truths were donated to me by my Doveface. And most of all of them I’ve always known, just needed to hear again or figured out on my weekend journey.
That Octopus is proof that revelations can hit you anywhere if you’re open, likely if there’s bourbon nearby. 😉
But most importantly that sea creature reminded me how beautiful life really is. I never imagined myself roadtripping with my love and my Ludo to a 1920s Speakeasy, drinking spiked lemonade, strolling to a park to witness love in front of a fountain, and leaving with ridiculous amounts of gorgeous, handmade pottery.
Ride the waves.

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