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A Little Bit of Panic

So, I decided it’d be a good idea to mock-up my own calendar with all the things left to do with less than 20 days before this big shindig.

Bad idea.

Minutes later, I’m messaging my MOH and sending myself into a tailspin of hyperventilation, because I’m realizing the weight of it all.
Honestly, coming home from work and thinking about crafts, or ceremony words or songs is close to the last thing that excites me. I know it’s exciting and it’s all for the best day of my life, but my laziness has been known to trump even the coolest things in my time. Sotheresthat.
I’m just one of those gals that thinks she has to have a whole weekend to organize a closet or a junk drawer – never been one to subscribe to the 10 minutes a day method.
Therefore, this to-do list is looking mighty overwhelming, because I know me and in my head I’ve already discarded Monday through Friday. Can’t happen.

I’m gonna have to get my head in the game. And think back to college like it’s the end of the semester and I have three papers, four final exams worth half my grade and a huge presentation to give. I graduate Magna….I CAN DO THIS.

Did I mention Fall T.V. has my heart right now. Don’t ever schedule a wedding near primetime television premieres. I mean, really.