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Mayday, Mayday

I worked out four times in April. FOUR.
Who am I and what happened to my motivation to move my body and not eat all the carbs. Distressing to say the least.
So, it’s May and I don’t even know how that’s possible.
Personal training begins this week and let me tell you, it cannot come soon enough!!
Fitness assessment first. I’m deeply curious to know how far I’ve fallen.
But it’s the beginning. Again. Life is full of falling and getting back up. So, here we go again. I’m grateful for the will to get back up and try. That can often be the hardest part.
Hoping May will be much different from any other month this year.
This time around I plan to dive deep to figure this out from an emotional and mental standpoint. I mentioned my plan to write more, and share more in this space.  I think becoming more open about this journey as it unfolds and delving into the path which led me here may help me uncover a way to stay the course.
Send all encouraging reinforcements.


Donuts. Again.

I’ve written about donuts before.
Don’t even ask me why I write about them as if they’re my trouble spot, my weakness. They’re not. That’s kettle chips.
But Wednesday at the office a box of assorted sinful treats were beckoning me to eat all of them Cookie Monster style. Nom nom nom nom. At one point, I literally heard them CALL MY NAME. No kidding. Quite ridiculous.
That’s when I told myself this is what temptation is made of – this is when they say take a walk, chew gum, distract yourself for 5 minutes until it passes.
Well, I only ate maybe half of one throughout the entire time they taunted me. Before I moved them into the kitchen area and away from me.
Claiming it a victory.

Monday Miles

They say, “Never miss a Monday.”  Continue reading

Things just got personal

*Warning: Super long post ahead.*
If you’re too slacker to read it all, drop down for the TLDR version, because I, too, love a good summary.
Slacker. 😉

Now that the birthday festivities have mostly come to an end (Yes, I said mostly. I’ve got another round tonight, and a final celebration possibly later this month. Is it ridiculous? No. No, it’s not.) I can share one of the biggest things that happened the day before my birthday.
Let’s just say -ish got REAL.

We did what...

We did what…

If you look closely, that pink sheet says personal training.
Happy Birthday to me!

Let’s rewind a bit…so we joined the Y in February and a few weeks later we began the 12 weeks to Personal Fitness program, which after equipment orientation meant we would complete three workouts a week for 12 weeks.
We graduated from that in June, receiving a certificate and a free personal training session. Woot.
We then received a fitness assessment, which revealed that the more things change, the more they stay the same. (more on that in another post)
Trainer Nikki assessed us and we liked her so much, we decided to give her skills a whirl for our free personal training session.
So, the day before my bday we suited up to get our butts kicked. I was mildly terrified, since I’d never done any type of personal training. And I was concerned I’d be too sore to party properly during b-day debauchery.

It began well enough with a 10-minute Treadie warm-up. Funny how ya think you’re pretty solid at something and then your trainer bumps your incline up to 10. Right…5 minutes at 10 incline. Hills, y’all.
Next up, she and another trainer showed us all the exercises we were about to complete.
The first word out of her mouth…”blah blah push-up.” I quickly reminded her I was the gal who could not do one push-up in the fitness assessment.
Side note: I’ve since seen that Nikki has a knack for kicking me right out of my comfort zone within the first 30 seconds of our time together, and usually with just one word.
These fancy push-ups quickly became modified for me, and I learned a trick of wrapping my hand around a hand weight to take pressure off my wrist. Whatever y’all…those things are no joke. And I stink at ’em, but I tell ya this…I will rock them at the end of this journey. Challenge accepted.
Meanwhile, Fishface had no problem with this part of the session. Naturally.
For the next unknown amount of minutes, Nikki tore our cores up with all her crazy exercises. I don’t even know the proper names for any of them:
There were two types of push-ups, some kind of plank, one exercise where I lie down, hold Fishface’s ankles and pull my feet up for him to push down and regular crunches…holy ab work.
Another where we push against each other while in squat position. That one showed me how untrusting I am of my spouse. “Couples therapy,” Nikki joked.
There were 16-pound medicine balls passed around in seated position – holy twisted ab work. There were squat, jump, turn thingies.
Bottom line – no shortage of torture.
And the “good” pain hit the next day and got worse as the day worn on.
We apparently loved it so much that we signed up for 10 more sessions.

WHAT the WHAT, y’all!?!!

Though we had half-heartedly mulled this over in recent months, the decision was made rather impulsively as we stood there struggling to catch our breath in our sweat-drenched clothes.
Ultimately, we jumped right in, because we decided that THIS is what we needed more of in our lives – more sweat, more commitment, more “good” pain, more discomfort, more challenges, more days when one itty-bitty hour passes and you find yourself on the other side thinking, “Holy crap, I did it.”

Fishface convinced himself Nikki may have gone easy on us, since it was a free session, so we might think, ‘Hey, this isn’t so bad. Let’s get more.’
He found truth in that this week as we completed our first paid session. Haha.
This week a 10 minute warm-up meant death by Arc Trainer. Never been on that torture device before, but I’d likely get back on it. Masochist. That machine brought fire to my lungs.
Upper body weight training was next. For me 8 and 10 pound dumbbells, 12 and 15 for the Fish.
Sets and reps of up and over the head, out in front, kick backs, row row row your boats….seriously y’all I don’t know the names. All I know is we used a bench and it all hurt.
The word Nikki used this week to jump me right out of my skin: LUNGES. Lunges all around the track with 10 pound weights in each hand. My face had to have been priceless. Wish I had a picture.
Turns out I hate lunges, just as suspected, but I’m not bad at them. Never want to do another one though. Ever.
Bump that…the real thing I NEVER want to do again – anything involving the inverted ab bench.
Just no. I do really HATE that stupid piece of s***. Never been on one, never ever want to be on one again. I am not made to crunch abs in such a fashion. She made me crunch and twist, crunch and twist. AWFUL!
After cursing that crap, I redeemed my life with a 30-second plank. Didn’t even know I had it in me. Woot!
Oh and there were flutter kicks, which actually is the real name, but I now call them “flutter whatters.” They are harmless at the time, but holy hell when your lower everything hurts later, you just yell out, “Flutter Whatters!”
Stretching finished us out. I do love a good stretch.
The first real workout hit the Fish hard. He was catching his breath even when we were in the car. I was fine.
Fast forward a day: I grunt every time I go to sit in my chair at work AND every time I get up. Totally broken. I hurt in my sleep. It took me 40 seconds to pick up onion I dropped on the kitchen floor. And my butt felt like I had someone grabbing it forcefully all day. Not in a good way. Quads=fire. Will to live=questionable.
The “good” pain, as Nikki says.

We’re doing this every.single.week, y’all. There’s workout homework and food logging.
Actually, I am really excited. We tend to kick serious booty when we have goals and missions.
Fishface is already rocking the food tracking and sticking to his calories. This week has just been harder for me, overall. I want to eat the house. I’ll get it together. I logged every single day from Dec. 31 to June something or other. Should be no problem to get back to the habit. It’s sticking to the calorie limit that I gotta master.
Nikki rocks! And I’m thrilled she’s our captain on this adventure.
Here’s to all the “good” pain!

Me & Nikki

Me & Nikki

TLDR: We signed up for 10 weeks of personal training. Expect a workout recap post each week, unless I’m a slacker like you. Entirely possible.

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A thank you

Birthday happies

Birthday happies

July is coming to a close and with it ends another beautiful birthday season.
And just as I am each year, I’m overjoyed with gratitude and love.
My friends and family are amazing. It’s that simple.

This year’s birthday celebrations kicked off with the most wonderful family dinner, followed by an evening with a dear friend poolside with dinner, ice cream cupcakes and the most thoughtful gifts, another darling friend surprising me with even more sweet gifts wrapped in some serious crafty love and a Labyrinth viewing with kindreds galore.

Packaged with love

Crafted with love

And that was all before the actual, big day.
All month kids, all month.
People are getting the memo. 😉

On my birthday God granted me with a glorious sunrise and PERFECT weather. NOT a cloud in the sky. No words.
A half day at work wasn’t complete without flowers/cookies/cards from my fantastic work peeps, another surprise visit by the sweetest lady with yet another tasty bday treat (see above: that’s a cupcake in a cone. Mind blown.) and then I was off to pamper myself with new hair and drinks with LUDO! The birthday evening concluded with one FANCY dinner with Fishface. At Seasons 52, they treat you like a bit of royalty with a card, free dessert and a printed picture of you and your companion with said dessert. Food was delish.



Scallops with summer corn risotto

Scallops with summer corn risotto


















A sunset viewing atop the Madison Hotel with friends marked the “official” birthday party of the week.
It was a tad hot, but so worth it.
Yummy drinks, kindred reunion and ketchup. What more could a girl ask for.

Memphis Sunset

Memphis Sunset

Sunday…in all its hangover glory… rounded out the birthday the best way possible with my parents visiting.
Cake, presents, homemade cookies. All fantastic.
The icing on the cake…my parents. They are my heart.
Even got double cake goodness as Fishface took to baking after getting IHOP breakfast for us and tidying up the house. The best.
And then…just when I thought we we’re done. Our neighbors, aka Framily, treated us to my fave Huey’s dinner.

Y’all, when I say I’m thankful it’s an understatement. I’m in awe over all the mailed cards, FB posts, surprises, gifts, and events everyone has sent, posted, planned, given and attended.
Thank you to each one of you who make me feel special during my month-long birthday celebration. 😉
Sincerely, I could not ask for more. I appreciate everyone’s thoughtfulness.
My soul is so full.



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