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Still there?

Oh hey there.

Yeah so…writing and I have a seriously strained relationship as of late.
It happens. Sometimes we just can’t get on the same page.

Rest assured I’m trying to find my way back, especially since such exciting things have happened with PT.
Boggles my mind that when I stop writing my life actually progresses. Hmm – quite an unsettling correlation.
Nonetheless, I do plan to give updates on how the last half of PT shaped up and how we rocked our latest fitness assessment.

Stay tuned.


Magical Bits

This week blew me away. Just after my last post, life unfolded in such a beautiful way. And I love when life does that.
From sweet, surprising gifts to unexpected, delicious dinners with family or just the gorgeous, low humidity July weather, my last full week at 30 was marvelous. I’m thankful and highly unworthy.

All of this beauty doesn’t even include the birth of My Head’s Baby Lily or the magical Labyrinth night I shared with my fair Ludo by my side. Aah true, true Dancing Magic!

Ludo & Sarah

Ludo & Sarah


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Happy July to Me

It’s been nearly a month since my return from vacay and my last update.
I don’t even know what life has occurred over the last few weeks, except work, freelancing, coworkers’ farewell parties and preparing for my wisdom teeth removal surgery.
Currently, I’m one week post op and SO happy it’s over and I can move on with my life without my dentist tisk tisking me every time I come in for a cleaning. They’re out, we’re all happy. Yet, I’m still on a steady stream of ibuprofen. I dislike taking medicine, so I’m looking forward to not needing it. And a steak – I want to chew things properly again. Seriously. The right side of my mouth is getting all the action. (insert all naughty jokes here)
I can’t even eat salads. Too many working parts.
Um but I’m pretty excited I finally grew the cojones to get this done. With all the dental work I’ve endured, I was far beyond dreading it. So, I’m proud of me for being a big girl and DOING the damn thing. Woot!

Other than that, I’ll be 30+1 soon, so the month-long celebration has really already begun. I kicked it off with anesthesia, mashed potatoes and Percocet. Do I know how to party or what?
The remainder of the month includes a Labyrinth viewing on a big screen, the epic return of my DOVEFACE!!, our first personal training session, a night with Ray LaMontagne (swoon) and hopefully plenty of other fantastical birthday-esque things.

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Heaven on Earth


Fish Creek Falls

Fish Creek Falls

I am in full recovery mode from a very fast-paced, yet fulfilling and gorgeous Colorado vacay.
There are more than 2,000 pictures to upload and sort through. And I intend to post a bunch soon, along with some trip highlights.
In the meantime, enjoy this spectacular waterfall pic from Fish Creek Falls. It is definitely one of my top 3 favorite places on the planet.

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It’s the freaking weekend

Well, almost.
TGIF, y’all!

Bet you thought I abandoned you like all those times before. No no no. Remember this is the year of the DO and I won’t be DOing that anymore.

In the past two weeks, lots has been buzzing. Grown up things like buying my first hair dryer, going to the eye doctor for the first time since I was a kid and getting my first pair of glasses, purging disgusting couches, cooking for the week and signing up for the YMCA.
There will be a blog post soon dedicated to at least one of those things.
There’s been fun things like maintaining our Catan addiction with friends and a crafty girls night.

Since it’s the year of the DO. I’ve also been sticking to that by actually reading a book. Page 100 y’all! What the what! Sadly, I’m a writer who struggles to finish books. No judgement. I’m reading “Julie & Julia” and it’s good read. Dare I say what we all say, “So much better than the movie.” Honestly, I struggled with Amy Adams in that movie. Now, I can tolerate her better, but I’m not sure of her as Julie Powell.
Anywho, I’ve also been DOing a cleaner diet, mainly no sugar with an inadvertent side of no alcohol.
I even avoided free ice cream at Jason’s Deli last night. It wasn’t easy, even if I’m not a huge ice cream fan.
I even poured out the sweet half of my half & half tea this week. Should’ve just asked for unsweet altogether. Baby steps.
Speaking of which, tea keeps me awake y’all.
And speaking of sleep, anyone else sleeping like balls this week?

With the weekend coming, I’ve planned a Saturday date for Fishface and myself. We’re gonna tour the newly renovated/expanded Whole Foods and have lunch, coffee, smoothies there. I’m excited since the store doubled in square footage. Expect pics.
And Lord give me strength to avoid the sweet treats.
Sunday we’re watching the Big Game with sweet friends. Before then, I gotta find a yummy recipe for all the pigskin-loving peeps.  Feel free to throw any good ones in the comments.

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