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Sitting here with Gray in my ear, trolling around minimalist blogs – something I’ve taken a huge interest in over the last year or so.
But it’s one of those many lifestyles that make me wonder if I could actually change. Example: As I’m reading about simplifying, I notice I have 7 to 10 tabs open. Oh, irony.

To be honest I’m not interested in not having a T.V., or a car, or a certain number of shirts. At least not yet.
I am interested in not having four desks in my house at this very moment, even though we don’t even have a computer. Interested in overcoming my potential inner hoarder, not having dozens of items because they’re nice enough to not throw out, or boxes of magazines I’ve promised to go through and tear out recipes/tips/articles from to place neatly into a categorized binder, or books I’ll never read, shoes I’ll never wear, clothes I’ll NEVER fit into again.
And though I’d love to keep every.single.item that stirs any memory in my mind, I’m realizing I just can’t.

Two weeks ago as my husband (hehe) and I were trying to reckon order in our office with the “new to us” desk we plan to keep, I realized it’s official – I have a clutter problem and am steering straight into the path of becoming a hoarder. Thankfully, I am in the infant stages of this problem and I’m realizing it on my own.
Step one, right?

Now, how do I bring myself to throw out that picture frame so&so gave me, that blanket that was a gift, the “important” papers I might need one day, the old textbooks, the second set of measuring cups, those paints I might use? What if the washer explodes one day and I’ll wish I had dozens of “yuck” towels to help mop up the mess? What if I actually do lose that weight and am able to fit into that 10-year-old shirt? What if…what if…but he gave me that, she passed that down to me.

The premise of simplifying means ridding yourself, home, etc of things you 1. do not use 2. do not need 3. do not think are beautiful
That beautiful one is tricky, because I have plenty of things that I think are beautiful, yet do not need, nor use. Haha. Starting to see my dilemma.

In the effort of full disclosure, I have spent the two years in our house planning my attack to “purge,” “declutter” and “clean” the entire house. I attempted before the wedding planning to find homes for all my stuff, to decorate the house in all of its glory, to put everything where it went, to organize Pinterest style. I didn’t get far. Then, I kinda took the year off for planning the wedding, even though I did successfully purge my makeup and reorganize the closet in that time. Winning.

Here we are now, the wedding flowers have died, and I still do not have all the wedding decor put away and sadly wedding gifts are piled up in our office.
I go to bed at night reorganizing the house in my head, rearranging the furniture, thinking I’ll wake up and all the stroke of genius will hit and I’ll down an AMP or latte and get busy. Still waiting.
Like my writing, I keep waiting for perfection, so I freeze.
In this case, I keep waiting for a perfect 3-day weekend or PTO days with nothing to do but clean, purge, organize, redecorate. I’ve found out that life doesn’t work that way. And this whole split projects up into days, or even time chunk thing the experts recommend is actually the stroke of genius I’m waiting on. This is how things are going to fall into place I guess – one successful day at a time.
I still like my idea better, which is why I’m filling my head with minimalism/simplifying rhetoric to inspire and motivate me for this Turkey weekend.

It’s funny how just like weight loss and my writing, this is the other thing I want so badly. Yet, I’m frozen.
What is the deal?

Expect more posts about this topic, because I am determined to simplify our home.

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