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La Bella Vita


This weekend I had the honor of witnessing my beautiful Bella Doveface vow her love to her special person.
It was perfection.
And the quick trip, my first road trip with a friend (yes I’m 30), was so good to my soul.
Bad for my waistline…I devoured the MOST amazing cheeseburger of my life at 2:30 a.m. and a crap ton of other fast food. No shame. No regrets.
Hell, even that was good for my soul.
And all of this soul pampering is represented in that octopus. Strange how the weirdest things can reignite those embers.
It was a cathartic couple of days and reminded me of how blessed I am, and how silly I can be.
Here’s what that little Octopus reminded me of:

1. In love, in life, in friendships you really do get back what you put in. It’s all  hard work, but it’s worth it.
2. You own your happiness. It is ultimately in your hands. It’s so easy to put this responsibility onto others, but it’s between you and God to get it straight. Not your spouse, not your family, not your friends.
3. “The grass is greener where you water it.” Though I super dislike this cliché, it’s true. In this world, things often look shiny and desirable from a distance and it’s generally just because we don’t possess it. Greed manifests itself many ways.
4. Nourishing yourself – mentally, physically, spiritually is vital to your happiness. Hobbies are good.
5. Travel. Your mind clears up in different weather, different terrain. A drive can ease pain, both real and imagined. Distance from a routine can revitalize. A trip can renew your faith and determination to come back and be better.
6. Sometimes you need a good ole smack in the face to put down your stupidity, and pick up your gratitude.
7. The Devil’s chatter is only as loud as you allow it to be. Find the mute button.
8. Loving someone constantly is a constant choice. It’s not simple, it’s not even natural some days. Worth it…
9. You never know what you truly mean to someone. A phone call, a card, a tearful kiss on the cheek, a six-hour drive, it could all mean the world to someone.
10. A smile can get your far.

Most of these beautiful truths were donated to me by my Doveface. And most of all of them I’ve always known, just needed to hear again or figured out on my weekend journey.
That Octopus is proof that revelations can hit you anywhere if you’re open, likely if there’s bourbon nearby. 😉
But most importantly that sea creature reminded me how beautiful life really is. I never imagined myself roadtripping with my love and my Ludo to a 1920s Speakeasy, drinking spiked lemonade, strolling to a park to witness love in front of a fountain, and leaving with ridiculous amounts of gorgeous, handmade pottery.
Ride the waves.

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Happy New Year…finally

2013 is a sneaky freak. How is it Jan. 14 already?
I’m not quite sure where these two weeks went, and I’m not certain as to why I haven’t blogged all year. It’s not like I have a shortage of things to say.

For now though, let me say hello and thanks to the recent visitors I’ve had thanks to my friend Mary who so sweetly blogged about our wedding. Mary and I met five or six years ago at my first jobbie job. And we connected via FB at the end of 2011 when Fishface and I were searching for a wedding photographer. It was through the fabulous Mary that we found the super wonderful Amy and Ed, who we love dearly! Amy and Ed shot Mary’s nuptials to Kepa, whose wedding video made me sob like a baby. As Amy would say, “Cheers” to all things wedding!

As promised, I will blog about our wedding. We wrote our ceremony, somewhat from scratch, and our vows totally from scratch. I hope to get that post/s out this month. And I’m also planning to unveil my word for 2013, and all those shiny resolutions/goals I’m starting…uh, I mean I started two weeks ago 😉

Friday is my Favorite

Hey y’all!

1. TGIF! Just like last week. Even though I opted to cover events tomorrow at work, I’m still super pumped it’s Friday. Always. Work tomorrow means shorter day today. Ah, the benefits of not getting overtime 🙂 I’ll take it.

2. One of the fam members posted this video today and I nearly lost every teardrop in my body. Animals rule! My heart just can’t take the precious innocence. Watch and weep. SO touching! Be still my heart.

3. Admitting that I have not had enough water this week. And my consumption of all things sugar has gotten way outta hand.

4. When I leave work today, I’m going to Target. Are you jealous? Heidi did an awesome job of making me drool this week. I think I’ve been banned from the lamp aisle. It’s a serious addiction. Fishface refuses to let anymore lamps darken (ha) our door, until I eliminate a few.

5. Elf comes on like every other day on the Family Channel. Me likey.

6. My niece turned 17 this week. Can’t even wrap my head around it.

7. Speaking of nieces, I love that I’m getting to spend more virtual time with them thanks to Facetime. I might have to break down and get an iPhone for that alone. I love anything that shrinks the distance from here to Colorado.

8. Yesterday may have been the best day I’ve had since our wedding day. I got some super delish emails, one of them being from our photographer. Our wedding pics hit her blog yesterday. WOOT!
Since I haven’t done well on my promise to write about it all, I’ll let Amy & Ed tell you in pictures. I literally lost my breath and cried when I saw them and read Amy’s sweet words. Her blog is one of the reasons I chose her. Amy is a great writer, AMAZEBALLS photographer and an all around beautiful person. I told her yesterday she gave me the best anxiety attack ever. I heart her! Here is one of my favorites. Thanks Amy and Ed! We love you.

Sweet Kiss

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Happy Halloween (from the bride)

Hey guys and ghouls. Ha, I’m hilarious.

So, I know it’s Halloween, and that’s awesome as it’s one of my most favorite holidays.
But I am still on a Bridal high.

That’s right y’all: I’ve Gone to the Chapel! And I couldn’t be more excited!!!!
I hope to write all about it in the coming days, until then enjoy this pic.
Kudos to our sweet neighbor Heather for capturing this photo of our first dance to David Gray’s “This Year’s Love.”

Friday Favorites

Happy to report IT IS FRIDAY!

1. Kinda loving the fact that my co-worker has so graciously gone to get me a Starbucks (Iced Venti Unsweetened Green Tea). Figured I’d enjoy one of the last iced drinks for the year, while wearing my summer skirt/green shirt “watermelon” outfit. It’s supposed to get cold here tomorrow. Summer is so hard to let go of for me.
* This just in…and he bought me a Pumpkin muffin. I’m debating if that’s sweetness or sabotage 🙂
2. The long week Fishface has been working will be over today. Woot.
3. Being productive makes me feel ahmahzing. That sounds pretty obvious, but yesterday I was a movin’ and a groovin’ at work and felt so in control.
4. Early mornings with Koda Bear and coffee makes me so happy. I mean I got up at 5:30 just to take part in all this awesomeness!

Yeah, he’s pretty huge. And the sweetest, smartest dog ever. Truestory.

5. Mission Wedding is so fully on this weekend. I’ll be wired on coffee and Starbucks and won’t sleep…Til Brooklyn. 😉
6. Wish I could move my computer outside today. It is so super gorge out there.
7. Lovin’ that I made an impromptu grocery run last night for healthy stuffs. But I lingered a mighty long while in front of the “healthy” burrito section. Has anyone ever tried Amy’s burritos?
8. Kinda wanna go back to the store and get the ingredients to make Jenna’s White Chicken Chili.
9. Also happy to report, yesterday I made dinner (first time in too long) and ate well. Fashioned a Genghis-Grill-type couscous bowl with a hodge-podge of ingredients. It wasn’t stellar, but it kept me away from the leftover pizza in the fridge. So win-win, I suppose.
10. Our wedding guestbook is in, which excites me GREATLY. And we’re having a guestbook pen designed – for free, which also excites me beyond measure. Thank God for sweet friends.

What do you have planned for the weekend that will be sure to put a smile on your face?