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First Day of Yoga

Since the beginning of time…OK…maybe since the beginning of my teen years (which is long enough ago to make me sad), I’ve wanted to embark into the world of Yoga.
(Insert list of excuses here).
1. I’m overweight.
2. I’m not flexible.
3. It looks hard.
4. I’ll look stupid.
5. Everyone will laugh at me. (think Adam Sandler)
Etc, etc…

I’ve been infatuated with the thought of moving my body into places I never thought it could go, and breathing and meditating. It’s all spoken to me for most of my life. And sadly, I’ve kept the list of these excuses in my back pocket, and haven’t tried it. Though, I have bought several DVDs and promised to do it at home. The most I ever did with the DVDs that were purchased in 2009 was unwrap them in 2011, watch in 2012 and determine it was too hard.
I had the barrier of ridiculousness keeping me from something I knew I could deeply love.

Until April 27, 2012.

It was a Friday that I had chosen to take off work, for no good reason. I am a total fan of “Just Because” PTO days. Sometimes you just need a break, ya know. So, I wondered Thursday night, ‘What am I going to do tomorrow?’ Oh there’s the Yoga Basics class that I’ve been wanting to try since January. Hmm.
What went on in my head Friday morning was a battle of epic proportions. It was literally devil on one shoulder, angel on the other.
“Oh, I woke up at 7:30 a.m. That’s too late to shower, eat, caffeinate myself and make it to Yoga by 9 a.m.”
“Ugh, do I really want to drive 30 minutes into the town I work, on my day off?”
Blah blah blah.
Suddenly, I stopped thinking and just acted. I told myself just get into the shower and see what happens next. Then, I had yoga pants on, found the most perfect sports bra my mom had given me but I had never worn before and it fit like a glove, pulled on the best yoga tank ever, had breakfast and a bit of coffee. (Don’t ask me how I just happened to have an entire Yoga-appropriate outfit already in my wardrobe…haha.)
Before I knew it I was driving like a crazy woman, passing traffic on a two-lane road to make sure I got to the class with plenty of time to sign up. The usual 25-30 minute commute turned into 17 minutes. 
Where has that determination been my whole life?
What I had decided though in the getting ready process was…”Listen, you can just sit on the couch today as usual, or you can go change your life.”
I told my Yoga teacher this, and she later posted it on Facebook and said she got chills. 

The class was intense, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I learned a lot, and even held myself in a plank position…yeah, this girl did that. The class only had two other people in it, which was a good number for my self-esteem. But they definitely knew what they were doing.
75 minutes later we finished, and we sat with soft music and lavendar packs over our eyes. Holy moly, the lavendar is reason enough to return. That stuff was amazing.
Before I left, I purchased a punch card. Committed.
And the Yoga teacher, which is the wonderful Lisa Warmuth, gave me so many words of encouragement. Turns out, I have a strong core and the moves I was able to do impressed her. Who woulda thunk it?
Had I laid in bed just a few minutes longer, skipped the shower and headed straight for the couch that morning, I never would have known how good I already am at some asanas. I never would have known my core was made for this…oh wow…what an epiphany.
My core is made for this, physically and mentally.

The rest of the weekend I thought of nothing but Yoga. I was sore Saturday, but nothing unbearable. And I returned to another basics class on Monday night with a different pro, by the name of Jen Anders. And she informed me that I’m flexible. 
I can now replace that list of excuses with “strong core” and “flexible”.

So, here’s the deal:
I changed my life last week. I finally moved out of my own way and did something awesome.
While the moment has been in the making for years, I never thought I’d do it. Never thought I take the first step and just do it. Really. NEVER envisioned me actually using this Yoga mat Mom had given me.
Let me say this. If you’re wanting to do Yoga, I highly recommend a class. For me, the DVDs were lost on me. Being in the class with a live pro really helped. And hearing the encouragement afterwards, well you can’t get that from pressing play.

Also, and this is the most important lesson I learned:
My entire life I’ve wanted to do this, and my entire life I’ve talked myself out of it with that No. 1 excuse. I always told myself I take a class when I weigh so-and-so, or when I lose 10 pounds. Don’t live life this way. You c0uld be missing out on something you’re good at, something that could become your passion.
Months ago, I read Skinny Emmie’s post about Bikram Yoga and became super inspired. Here is this awesome gal doing, what I think in my mind, the hardest Yoga of them all. Reading about her accomplishment made me feel like I could at least do a normal, beginners class.
Never did I think I’d start this blog and have my own Yoga post. Funny how things change. 🙂

Stay tuned for more Yoga posts.
I’m sticking with the Monday night class and using it to make Mondays (oh I really hate Mondays!!) less dreadful. Wish I could sneak out of work on Friday mornings to enjoy Lisa’s class. But I do plan to pick up one of her non-beginner classes, soon.

Are you a Yogi? Tell me about your first Yoga experience.