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100 Days

Yesterday I sat down with Nikki and went over my goals for this next round of training.
Yep, I’m back at it for 12 weeks. She keeps checking to see if I really want the whole hour.
Go big or go home I suppose. Continue reading

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Personalized 3: The Scale

The bad thing about weighing in at the start of our training is the brave face you gotta put on when the number doesn’t reflect a loss. Not even a tenth of a pound last week.
So yeah, no loss whatsoever from the previous week.
Then, our trainer gave us the choice between elliptical and arc trainer.
I think I was so angry at the scale, because I lost all common sense and went beastly on that Arc Trainer.
It’s growing on me, I suppose.
For me, this training was more torturous mentally than physically, because I was having a down week emotionally. Head just all over the place, and not in the game. Then, the scale knocked me down a whole ‘nother level.
Nikki pushed us through a great strength training session full of bicep, tricep and shoulder work. And she was super encouraging throughout the workout, pointing out my muscles in the mirror. I mean the guns are forming pretty nicely, if I do say so myself. 😉
I love weights! For me, the weight machines I’d been working on all year never produced results. Free weights make me feel stronger and are making things more muscular, less jiggly. Woot to that!
After weights, we had the choice again of Arc or Ellip. This time we suffered through the latter. Ugh that machine.
Then ab work and stretching. Ab work=PLANKS! So many planks. Side planks were introduced this week and proved to be quite the killer.
Even though the weigh-in didn’t reflect my work from the previous week (so much yoga), I gave the workout my all. And I was so proud of me for not getting too caught up in the lack of numbers and pushing through.
I’d say by two days later I was fully out of my mental funk and ready to kick butt.
Which happened!
Last night. So much butt was kicked during this week’s training.
And maybe, just maybe there was a loss…

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A Day Off

I think I figured out the secret to getting thoughts onto this blog: blog at night.
I am a night owl by nature, though I hardly ever stay up ’til midnight anymore.
I’ve always written at night. It’s just always been when my brain kicks into creative overdrive. And thankfully that Overthink part of my brain goes to bed early, so me and Creative get to hang out – “all night long. All night.” It’s a song.

Today I tried frog legs. Taste like chewy chicken. Not a fan. (This picture looks like I’m in a cafeteria. Ha)
frog legs
Also had stuffed crab for the first time in my adult life. Meh.
Most seafood and I just really aren’t the best of friends. Shrimp, crab legs and lobster…now I can eat that all day. And I do love gator!

Today, we were thankful to have the day off together, so we wanted to do new things as a couple. Can you believe we’ve never been bowling in the near five years together? Me neither.
I definitely need to work on my strikes, but don’t I look cute with my color coordination? Forgive the blurry pic.
How is it bowling shoes are still so not stylish?
We went with our friend Mikey, and between the three of us Fishface was the clear overall winner.
cory strike
Ummmmm, yeah he is smokin’ hot! So glad he’s mine. 🙂

Walked off those frog legs and fried gator tail by strolling through Target. Seriously, walking Target is the best way to digest a meal.
Rounded out the day by picking up vitamins for this super healthy lifestyle I’ve now been mandated to follow. As if! I was totally already doing that, right? Oh beer’s not on a low-carb eating plan? Damn. (more to come on that soon)

Watched a groovy storm pass through, which left the temps feeling extra delish and the sunset super phenom. Then, I took myself on a nice strolly rolly (aka neighborhood walk) around 9:30. Realized half way through that my Friday nights sure have changed. No beer, plus nearing 30=Friday night exercise. I dig it.

Toodle-loo for tonight. Maybe I’ll blog tomorrow. Wouldn’t that be a surprising hoot? 😉

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Where has this month gone? Seriously.

Alright, I’m not sugar-coating it  – I’m totes lagging on getting some fantabulous content up here. I’m taking pics, but not uploading. I’m thinking, but not writing.
Blah, blah…no excuses.
Anyway, here’s my New Years post. I mean, everyone likes to talk about intentions and such at the END of January, right? Riiight.
Don’t be fooled: Fishface and I did actually list out goals and resolutions for 2013. He even mapped out the months and tasks in Excel and what not. Woot. Woot.

So, here it is: my word/theme of the year: CHANGE.

I’m taking my newfound title of wife (I really prefer bride) and letting it wash over my entire life. Going to let my married life be a totally new one for me – one where I am healthy, overall better.
It’s happening, albeit slowly, but happening nonetheless.
What changes am I going to make?
Well, I’m not listing them out one by one, because there’s massive chunks of my life that I want to change. It’s more of an overhaul of my habits and lifestyle, I’d say.
So far, I’ve changed my hairstyle and the frequency at which I complete household chores. Baby steps, people. Though, I do not consider bangs (pic to come) a baby step. A hairstyle change is the perfect launching point for this year. New shampoo, new facewash…I’m unstoppable.

And there it is, intention set.
One your mark, get set, rock 2013.

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