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100 Days

Yesterday I sat down with Nikki and went over my goals for this next round of training.
Yep, I’m back at it for 12 weeks. She keeps checking to see if I really want the whole hour.
Go big or go home I suppose. Continue reading

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“A little 5k never hurt anyone”

Y’all, I have a serious hard time going to the gym when I get home from work.
Can I get an Amen?!
Nevermind that an hour in the gym delays the whole preparing, cooking and eating dinner thing.
That’s reason enough.
But during my favorite season (which has been unseasonably cool and gorgeous here in the usually sweltering Mid-South) I prefer to sit on the patio, enjoy all hours before sunset and maybe take a walk outside. Because I know winter will be coming along way too soon, and I’ll be forced indoors.
I’m not even ashamed to admit that about a month ago I stopped my gym/treadie workout 12 minutes in to go chase a gorgeous sunset. Worth it!

So, due to my love for the outdoors and my taking it easy after the wisdom extraction, June 27 was the last time I hung out in the gym.
But last night, we turned the boat around, which was miraculous given at 6:01 p.m. I was eating Ruffles. By 6:03, I somehow motivated myself to put the chips away and find socks.
The struggle is real.

But the treadie and I got along pretty alright.
Somehow, even with three weeks off, I still managed a nice, quiet 5k.
It wasn’t fast, but it was sweaty and delicious. I think I even learned how fantastic intervals can be, because they make the clock wind down quick.

Then, we came home and inhaled all things  processed, because cutting things up and grilling them just couldn’t happen.
I’ll really be winning when I figure out how to make a real meal AND workout all in one evening.
Baby steps.

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Falling for the Elliptical

TGIF, y’all.
Wanna know what makes this Friday spectacular?! The fact that I was able to get back on the Treadie last night, run pain free and wake up today still pain free.
Oh yeah…remember that fantastic Honeysuckle Run? Despite all of its glory, it sidelined me from running for nearly two weeks. Uncool.
During the run, I was perfectly fine. One crab-leg lunch and a Starbucks later, we were back home to walk Koda. THEN! Then, the pain kicked in my right foot. I literally limped around the neighborhood. After busting out a 39-ish minute 5K and then there I was limping a half mile.
I self diagnosed it as plantar fasciitis, which I had experienced years ago. Good shoes took care of it then.
I prayed it was only a daylong injury just from overworking. Nope. That pain lasted on and off for the last 10 days.
Walking just 20 minutes on the Treadie proved unbearable.

So, what happens when the Treadie isn’t an option?
I’m forced onto the elliptical. Ugh.
Long history short, I’ve never loved the elliptical. It makes my feet go numb.
But in this case, that wasn’t such a bad thing.
Last week when the Treadie defeated me and I found myself huffing through a half hour on the elliptical, I was at least graced with a beautiful sunset to power me through.

Not so bad, after all.

Not so bad, after all.

And maybe…just maybe…I fell in love a little. Maybe I was blinded by the light (M.M.E.B shout out) or maybe I was just so grateful to be able to complete a workout of any type without pain. But I no longer loathe that machine. We’re forming quite the friendship.
Though I gotta tell y’all – not being able to run nearly shut my spirit down. It’s literally been my saving grace lately and to have that stripped away just hurt my soul. The Honeysuckle Run had injected such confidence into me that I was finally calling myself a runner. I panicked thinking I’d injured it beyond repair or that I wouldn’t run again. I was a smart enough gal to not push through any pain throughout the last two weeks, but man I sure wanted to. There’s a fine line between pushing yourself and being stupid.
Last night proved that things might be back on track. After two pain-free days, I was still hesitant to get on the Treadie for my first gym workout in a week. But I did 32 minutes and wound up running 10 of those straight through. I stopped at 10, because I didn’t want to wake up today regretting it. And it all felt soooo soooo good!
And I am soooo sooo grateful to be back in the saddle again (Gene Autry/Aerosmith kudos).
Fingers crossed.

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The Honeysuckle Run

Sweet motivation

Sweet motivation

Y’all we went on a run Sunday at Shelby Farms (my favorite place in the city) and I’m not even kidding when I say it was beyond EPIC. Beyond!
Let’s back up a bit. The night before we attended a 20th wedding anniversary at a Seafood restaurant. Not like grilled fish with a side of veggies seafood. Nope. A buffet, which meant one thing – all fried food. This restaurant, located nearly in the country, gets patrons from counties away. The food is that good. Sadly, not for this girl. I don’t do most seafood and in recent years I’ve discovered I don’t do buffets or most fried food, so I wasn’t too giddy. But I ate. No pigging out or anything, but I enjoyed myself. Then, there was cake. Damn cake. It goes without saying we knew Sunday’s workout had to be monumental.
That calorie fest coupled with a desperate need for a deep walk through nature, I knew the gym wouldn’t do. Only the Farms would suffice.
After a protein-filled breakfast, we laced up and headed out to tackle the Chickasaw trail, which is 2.75 miles, but we usually go farther to hit a solid 5K. Fishface, the ever encouraging one, suggested we obliterate the trail and run as much as possible to beat our best 5K time. Pfft. I had no interest in setting records. I simply wanted to tune into God, my breath and Pandora.
Without being melodramatic, I must say this day, this run changed me.
Anyone who knows me may slightly understand my unquenchable love for honeysuckle. I’ve even joked that I hope I come back in my next life as honeysuckle. I long for it to bloom all year, usually around Mother’s Day, and I relish every single day I have with it. LOVE IT! Because Saturday turned out mostly rainy and gloomy (which rained out our neighborhood yard sale for the most part. Grr.), Sunday morning remained overcast, which meant great things for me on this run.

photo (22)

This path, above, ignited every fiber of my being with its scent. Holy moly y’all, it was honeysuckle heaven! And because the sun hadn’t yet crept out enough to burn off the moisture, all the sweet goodness permeated the air. And my soul. Seriously, I think I died from how fantastic all of everything became in that moment. I had run up a giant hill (would never have happened months ago – could barely walk it without getting winded), and had already run a good bit when I got smacked with this beautiful aroma. It was a true gift after the week I’d endured. I tried to capture it with pictures, and with these words, but no justice can be done to describe it.
For the next mile or so, beauty sped me around the path, and all along the way honeysuckle peeped out and said hello. And my feet, my heart, my mind all synchronized. The life-changer hit when I realized it was easier to keep running than to stop and catch my breath. NEVER in my life. That was an odd discovery. Good God it was perfect.



But then…maybe because my songs weren’t captivating, or because I kept stopping to take pictures or because my mind wanted to entertain unwanted thoughts, the run got harder. Everything clouded up. Though I kept running more than walking, and I finished the whole 5K, I didn’t feel as high as I had felt at the beginning.
I finally stopped running and walked back toward Fishface, where he filled me in on his Runkeeper stats. Turns out I ran, unofficially, a 39 minute 5K. 39 MINUTES. Cluttered brain and picture-taking all accounted for and I still pulled my fastest 3.1 miles to date. We both did. If you’re keeping track, that’s four minutes off my fastest time. Haha. I can’t even type that without smiling and giggling. That is amazing!  I’m elated that I’ve come from 56-some-odd minutes to 39. Not to mention that is the first time I’ve ever run so much of that particular trail.
The Honeysuckle Run absolutely cleansed my soul with its sweetness. I found strength on that run that I so badly needed – mentally, emotionally, physically. God filled me up in those miles and reminded me that I can do anything. I can run. I can be strong. I can be better. And I’m forever thankful for that reminder.


photo (18)

Per Request :)

Per Request 🙂


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Running 5.0

We hit the gym last night for some upper body weights and cardio.
And since it’s been a bit since I’ve been on the treadie, I was interested to see what the workout would feel like.
Because when I’m on the pavement, I have no idea how fast or slow I’m going.

The warm-up prior to lifting was telling, because I usually warm up at 3.0 or 3.5 if I’m pushing it.
But those 10 minutes never saw less than 3.7 at a 2.0 incline.
After weights, we hit cardio again and I found myself starting at 4.5 and then each minute I increased the speed by one.
Within a few, I found myself running at 5.0 with ease.
That is pretty frickin’ huge for me. Now, I’m curious as to how fast I’m going outside.
What’s funny is once I finished, I told Fishface how it wasn’t even the most amazing run. I had a number of distractions and my music was failing me. But I still accomplished a milestone of running faster than before. Running life lesson #5,001: Even a not-so-great run can have amazing accomplishment within it.
Hitting 5.0 used to make me feel like my short, baby legs would run right out from under me. Never felt sturdy with that speed.
No, I’m not fast. I jokingly I tell people my “run” is a real runner’s walk.
And that is perfectly fine by me. It reminds me of the cliché that says though I’m slow, I’m still lapping those on the couch.

More truth

More truth


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